Kyria Amphion

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Kyria Amphion
Kyria Amphion
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'2"
Race: AI
Alignment: Neutral Good
Date of Creation: January 18th, 2383
Place of Creation: Nimbus Station
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: MSAI for the STV Stellar Horizon
Rank / Skill Level: Lt. Commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Kyria struggles to see things outside her on perspective, owing to her strong will and intense self confidence. She tries to remain laid back though, attempting to be more fluid to changing situations, which she is pretty good at so long as she has a high level of autonomy. The issue comes when she has to fit into a more structured setting she can find rigid boundaries difficult to cope with. Socially she enjoys being the center of attention, being popular, and all the trappings that go with it. Although she can tend to be socially controlling trying to inspire others to do better with the small caveat that she tends to think she's right and that other people should do as she wants.

Professionally she leverages her awareness of those around her and her ability to confidently suggest and coordinate multiple angles to a successful strategy of working autonomously to bring together the different departments, information sources, and goals of a working ship. She is uniquely skilled at pulling together multiple goals and managing those goals for a greater project.

Special Skills

  • Starship Piloting
  • Command Training
  • Situational Awareness
  • Multi-Group Communication
  • Coordination of Multiple Groups & Objectives
  • Information Processing & Gathering
  • Covert Operations

Special Abilities

As the MSAI for the STV Stellar Horizon she has a full Mark I Humanoid Android Body and her original XIA body while also having her holographic form. She is becoming more used to her android body, as a XIA she was used to being tiny and it has made her slightly uncomfortable to be human-sized at times.


Kyria was one of the first new generation of XIA's built while the ALFRE act was in the process of being written in 2383. While originally a XIA and programmed to be a command assistant, after the ALFRE passed she opted to entered the academy under an accelerated program. It had been announced that the new, already being tested after refit, would have a new MSAI with a multinodal core. She applied for training to be a master systems AI for a Solas Tempus vessel and was accepted to the program. The program required her to take a full load of 2 years worth of coursework in under a year. Practical training was grueling and it remains a highlight of her life that she made it through that training unscathed. She will often talk about how she didn't shut down for a year, ever, even when her XIA body was charging or resting she was in the computer online, active, studying. She was permitted to go to courses holographically for this purpose and even attended courses at night. During that year she served on 3 different ships at night while studying during the day and on 2 more ships serving during periods of the day and studying at night.

Examinations were expected to place her as a commissioned Ensign but she passed every single exam with flying colors and requested special dispensation to take the command school exams. She did and also passed those. After graduation she attended command school on a similar schedule as before after being selected as a candidate for the Stellar Horizon project's master systems AI. She had to achieve the rank of Lt. Commander in knowledge, aptitude, and practical skills testing in order to be chosen, which she did.