Lance Thomas

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Lance Alasdair Thomas
Played by: User:Cyclops
Alias: Cyclops
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lb.
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Date of Birth: May 7th, 2327
Eye Color: Hazel Eyes
Hair Color: Brown
Universe of Origin: Blazing Umbra
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Temporal Operative
CO of STV Rautha Skathi
CO of STV Dragons Fire
Rank / Skill Level: Fleet Admiral
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra
"No, I think I'm better than everyone else. An opinion backed up by ample evidence."
—Lance Thomas

Lance was the head of Solas Tempus but after his abduction and subsequent return, Sal D'Amico has retained that posting with the blessing of Lance himself. After discussion with the leadership both civilian and otherwise following his rehabilitation, Lance has accepted the rank of Admiral and is now serving as 2nd in command of Solas Tempus overseeing covert operations of all types. This arrangement leaves Siv Quinn as head of Temporal Command and other leadership positions in place. His official role within the organization is not symbolic however, it was agreed an experienced Temporal Operative should coordinate efforts across the entire organization. Historically he has preferred to stay in the field as much as possible, but recently this has changed. After the death of Candy Poole, his ex-wife he has started to go through a sort of crisis of faith in his choices over the years and is looking at how to change the way things have become with him and those closest to him.

He tends to be a complete asshole when he wants something, at times using his authority and power to get what he wants with little regard for others. This contrasts sharply with the lengths he is willing to go in order to keep anyone on his team safe. He has been disciplined several times for taking unnecessary risks and overriding the direct orders of the PERDOC Council.

After his rehabilitation and return Lance has seen less and less of his wife Drem Confusco, something that bothers him greatly. The two have had a severe breakdown in communication and as such Lance has started to fall back into hold habits of spending more time in the field. He stays in constant contact with Solas Tempus via his assistant Excalibur Kaeth. While he is entitled to take command of nearly any vessel he chooses he has remained only using his personal ship, the STV Dragons Fire. His capture and return have left significant scars on him and his relationships with his wife, friends, and others.

Other Affiliations

  • Former Starfleet Officer
  • Former Section 31 Operative
  • Midnight Riders


Innate Abilities

Cybernetic Implants

Solar Crystal Ring

Grants him the ability to control all forms of energy to a high degree (4A), he can manipulate energy, alter its shape, or convert from one kind of energy to another. This includes magical energy as well as psionic energy using the ring. He can also manipulate the energy the makes up matter in a destructive way (stealing energy from matter causes it to weaken or disintegrate) to a lesser degree than with other forms of energy (4C).


Primary Skills

  • Piloting (2A)
  • Special weapons (2A)
  • Covert operations (2A)
  • Survival (2A)

Secondary Skills

  • High energy physics (1C)
  • Plasma physics (1C)
  • Electrical engineering (1B)
  • Warp field theory (1B)
  • Subspace particle theory (1B)

Other Skills

  • Basic Engineering / Maintenance (1A)
  • Jury-rigging (1A)
  • Hair Dressing (4C)


Squash Dog

Lance has a pet dog, a Queensland Heeler that followed him back to his ship one day on a mission to 2012 in the western United States on Earth. The dog just seemed to attach itself to him and invite himself into Lance's life. No one can really say why, but to this day the dog, named Squash, and Lance travel together quite a bit. Trained in several different categories, Lance has taught the dog to respond to whistles and hand signals, in addition to the normal command words. Squash is very smart, for a dog, and has a communicator and tracking device attached to his collar.


Lance was born in California on Earth in 2322. He joined Starfleet Academy when he was 18 and made quite the name for himself. Section 31 recruited him early on for surveillance in 2348. His first posting was of their choosing and a minor but long term posting. As a young Lt. Commander, that same year, in he was forced into a more covert lifestyle when a tragic accident caused him an incredible amount of damage to his body and even parts of his brain. Section 31 repaired the damage using cybernetics throughout his body.

Section 31 listed him as dead officially and he was put primarily on wet-work. Assassinations, covert operations that the main of Starfleet would never approve of. During this time, he grained the trust and raised to the rank of Captain when he was given his own team. With this time, Section 31 used a slingshot method to accomplish time travel. When doing this they enabled basic temporal shielding around their ship for the project. The project was supposed to be for covert research, but Thomas thought something was up for sure - it just didn't feel right.

Early Starfleet Career

One of his first postings after graduation in 2345 was assigned to one of the lesser used space-docks in far Earth orbit, monitoring traffic in the graveyard shift. The job was very slow and frequently he and another person posted there would count space-junk that floated by trying to predict how many objects they would see. The pair would also make up short narratives about how particular pieces of junk got into space and why it was floating out there.

Origins of Solas Tempus / Blue Team

Everything started to change for the newly formed team. The scientists reported that the main computer libraries were requiring too many updates, and updates for established historical events. After doing a lot of off-the-books research, it was discovered that events being observed by the team were being altered by another force. Not only that, but evidence suggested that other events were being altered, then changed back. The only conclusion was two opposing forces were fighting to control past events. They were ordered off the project when Thomas started to ask questions.

This turn of events eventually lead to a good portion of the team going AWOL, culminating when Section 31 admitted to starting a temporal conflict, altering events from the past for covert benefit of Section 31 interest. The conflict arose from a reportedly unknown force opposing some of the Section 31 alterations - but not all. It is still unknown exactly what Thomas said or did to Section 31 to both secure their temporal operations and allow the team to go AWOL without repercussions.

Leaving Starfleet / Section 31

The team went AWOL and formed what would eventually become Solas Tempus.

In this new team he became deeply involved with his subordinate, Candy Poole who was, at the time, a Commander he promoted her to Captain and gave himself the title of Admiral. Upon forming Solas Tempus their involvement became very serious. Tensions formed, however, when the two were at odds with how to organize the growing group they had just formed. When it grew large enough, Lance finally relinquished ultimate control over the group and remained leader of its temporal action arm, Blue Team. Candy herself became the organizations overall leader outranking him as Fleet Admiral.

Propulsion Accident

Using the USS Rising Sun as a test bed for new technologies, Admiral Thomas was personally overseeing a test of a prototype drive system which would eventually become the Dimensional Fold Drive, the centerpiece of the time protection effort. The prototype drive malfunctioned and caused the Rising Sun to be displaced in space by trillions of lightyears, ending up in another galaxy. The vessel was damaged and sent out a general distress call, after a few days it was picked up by that local area's military vessel of the Galactic Empire's Imperial Navy. The vessel was a Super Star Destroyer, the flagship of the Imperial fleet. The ship was thought to have been destroyed with a loss of all hands, however then-Captain Sal D'Amico refused to stop searching for Admiral Thomas.

Once aboard Lance met a woman, the Empress of the Galactic Empire, Natashia, whom was commanding the ship at the time. She took the crew in and provided supplies while they attempted to find a way to return home. The Empress and Admiral Thomas found themselves falling for each other rather quickly. While Admiral Thomas still does not know why, the Empress issued orders to have the crew of the Rising Sun killed covertly, intending to blame it on a failure of the damaged ship's propulsion system. The crew suspected the situation was becoming more fluid when they discovered engineers and troopers from the larger SSD aboard the ship in areas they were not authorized for.

Admiral Thomas ordered members of his crew to covertly enter the larger vessel and attempt to ascertain the intentions of Natashia and her crew. Since the Empire was not familiar with transporter technology, Thomas was able to retrieve his crew members quickly once they were discovered. The incursion resulted in a cold stalemate, though Lance had developed true feelings for his Imperial counterpart, it was not something he could let pass. They needed to return home and he was unwilling to stay under those conditions. The Rising Sun was equipped with another prototype drive system, the Gravitational Displacement Drive or GDD. This drive made use of a gravity well in order to jump through space, though it had never been tested on anything larger than a lightyear previously.

The stalemate came to a head, and Admiral Thomas ordered that the drive be charged. The Imperial vessel attempted to use an interdictor field generator to keep the vessel in place, which created an intense artificial gravity well. Admiral Thomas ordered the ships drive system to be activated, the resulting gravitational displacement crushed and destroyed the Super Star Destroyer from within it's own hangar bay. Though Lance knows that Natashia survived, they have not spoken since. Captain D'Amico recovered the Rising Sun in an uncharted system along the ships original flight plan, damaged, with failing life support but with all hands intact.

It is rumored that Admiral Thomas retains the precise settings to use in the GDD in order to return to the uncharted galaxy, but has never done so. In 2381 a modulated subspace signal was transmitted using a space telescope owned by Solas Tempus that is directed at the galaxy where Natashia is from, the signal's contents are unknown as no official record exists of it's transmission other than an anomaly on the transmission logs for the telescope array.

2360 / 1869

One of his earliest missions to the past. The crew of the Rising Sun detected an aberrant temporal signature in the year 1869. The crew was concerned with using technology to disguise the appearance of whoever was sent down so rather than using a holographic projector Lance commanded a mission where he and a small team used non-technological means to fit in and avoid detection. The team took several weeks to locate the cause of the signature and secure the technological item. Bringing it back to the Rising Sun they further went to trace the source of it. This took them to India of that same year, where they employed similar methods and captured someone form the year 2289 who had apparently inadvertently travelled back in time and was using his technological equipment to make money and set himself up as a sort of king.

They team captured him and returned him to the present for legal proceedings.

2360 / 1895

On a mission to observe a potential target and determine if the person was perhaps an agent from the future, he is sent to 1895, London. While there he picks up a gold locket from a street merchant, in order to look busy while tailing the target through the streets. This allows him to remain unnoticed and continue the mission. The mission panned out and the enemy agent was exposed prior to his being able to set their plans in motion. The agent was returned to the present, but committed suicide while in custody, no further information was gained from the encounter.

The locket remained in Lance's possession until in 2384 where he gave it to Drem Confoscho as a Valentines Day present upon her safe return home.

2364 / 1968

Lance Thomas sent on surveillance mission to October of 1968, Earth. He was tasked with infiltrating a gang organization to find out the origin of a temporal wave which indicated the gang had used some kind of technology from beyond their time-frame. Unable to infiltrate using traditional means, he learned to be a hairdresser and began working with the wives of some of the gang leaders, listening for clues. The mission was successful and the aberrant technology was recovered.

2369 / 1985

Electing to go on a mission to the year 1985 to recover an artifact of unknown origin. Lance went undercover as a cross-dressing diva to a club in New York, New York. The mission required him to locate the artifact without knowing what it was. He located the artifact but could not obtain it, the artifact turned out to resist beaming or use of any technology he attempted to use on it. Thus he had to go undercover and get close enough to remove the artifact, which was located at said club. To get back stage, he saw his best chance to pose as a dancer wishing to be hired as one of the extras for their nightly shows. He successfully replaced the item with a replica and was able to preform one last show prior to returning home.


In the middle of 2378, Lance brought a girl back from the mid 21st century. Mia Appleshire, caused a great deal with stress among the PERDOC council, but he prevailed in the end. They knew that if they denied him he may very well just hide her rather than face the music for bringing her forward in time with him. She was inconsequential in the scheme of things, making it simply an act of violating protocol. In 2379, she was killed in a horrific accident where the STV Vertigo was nearly destroyed trying to avoid an Infinity Wave. Her death and the subsequent being stranded in the 21st century caused him to go to Blazing Umbra Station upon his return and defer from field operations.


Up until this point, Lance had preferred to stay in the field whenever possible it is extremely unusual for him to stay in one place more than few months, though lately he has stayed at the Blazing Umbra Station for an unusually long mount of time. Having used the time to catch up with some of his colleagues whom he does not see often. He set up some residence at the station after the loss of someone close to him, Mia Appleshire, who was herself displaced in time when he rescued her from a very bad situation that was destined to end in her death.

In September of 2381, Fleet Admiral Candy Poole died in a shuttle accident. The Serenity Concord voted with a fair margin to promote Lance Thomas to the rank of Fleet Admiral and have him assume her duties. He was not able to do this right away, no, even after a failed attempt to go back in time and save her - he was still unable to face the promotion or her death. He knew he had to and he realized early on that the newly minted Admiral Sal D'Amico was covering for him and holding things together. He was unable to even look his friend in the face, but somehow he knew Sal would understand. Sal himself was hurting, almost as bad as Lance was. It was a while before Lance could assume his duties as head of the organization.

Around this time, after the death of Candy Poole, Lance became involved with Drem Confoscho as well as Shiro Yasei at the same time. The conflict that this highlighted has served as one of the primary reasons for him to attempt to change his ways and how he looks at the world. Though at this stage, the problem was still lost on him on a conscious level. It would take another 2 years before he was truly see the problem presented by his behavior.


Late in 2383, he was kidnapped using a long range transporter beam while Codename Onyx attempted to infiltrate and tear down critical ties Solas Tempus relied on. He was rescued by Tal Ravis and Nine in December of 2383. Upon his return he ousted the imposter, Sal D'Amico, but the celebrations were cut shot when an Infinity Wave was detected. He initiated Theta Protocol and jumped all possible vessels and assets to the Sol system in 1520.


Lance Thomas was lead into a trap, unwittingly, but the son of an old friend working with the Midnight Riders. Imperial forces from an alternate reality, working for Onyx, captured him on and ice planet and he remained in captivity for 18 months before Solas Tempus forces found him. He had managed to escape his captivity briefly in December of 2385 and was able to active an emergency beacon, which lead allies for find him. He had been captured and put into a medically induced coma while imperial forces worked to map out the memory centers of his brain looking for intelligence that would allow them to replicate the Dimensional Fold Drive, one of the most closely guarded secrets of Solas Tempus. They also were looking for specific intelligence on where and when key figures had visited the past, since much of TEMPCOM operations are still unknown to them.

The extend to which the operation was successful is unknown, but it is known that within the induced coma Lance's subconscious was being directed and controlled to produce an artificial reality where time was accelerated. Lance himself has stated that he spent decades upon decades in this kind of mental prison. The experienced has left him scarred and deeply unsettled. Spending several months recovery after his rescue, he has finally resumed an official position while he continues counseling and therapy to process his experience. Even those closest to him note that he did not come back the same man.

After returning he spent at least two months on Earth at his childhood home with his wife Drem Confoscho. Though the couple appear to be doing well outwardly, after returning to the station, Drem left to pursue several personal projects.


After receiving a coded message from stating the death of his former mentor Jenny Rebecca Courter, Lance has taken the STV Dragons Fire to investigate what happened. He retains his position with the organization but it is also known that is long time associate Siv Quinn is directing operations in his absence and acts as his liaison. On June 1st, 2386 after completing his investigation into his former mentor's death, Lance Thomas married Kaylanna Ravel in a ceremony on Soteria. Kaylanna and he have two children together twins Ember Idalia Thomas and Eliane Fiammetta Thomas. In a temporal accident, the Twins grew up aboard the STV Rautha Skathi while it was trapped at the event horizon of a black hole.


Lance has a number of residences due to his work:

Trocara House

This is by all rights Lance's primary residence when not in space. Though it can go very long spans without ever being used, there is a small staff to upkeep the house and the grounds while he is away, that also makes sure the house is stocked and ready for him should he call ahead to say he's going to be there. The grounds themselves span about an acre of land, the house sits in the middle of it. The grounds have a variety of gardens and water features, not shown on the map below.


Soteria Beach House Layout

This home sits on Dehka Island (the main body for the Dehka Islands chain). The house sits right on the beach, with the covered patio going down right onto the sand.


Equipment Notes

He occasionally carries a pirate saber with him, when appropriate since obtaining the sword on a mission to the distant Earth past aboard a pirate ship. He has always liked it and decided to keep it and thus has made it part of his dress uniform, tough he is the only officer who uses it to his knowledge.

In another mission to the American West on Earth he was required to obtain a bullwhip from a local merchant, the whip is of high quality and he brought it back with him. It usually sits in his quarters as a decorative piece, but occasionally sees use for various purposes.

Similarly he obtained a flintlock in a dual aboard a British naval vessel when contesting for command of the vessel trying to avoid a catastrophe that would have sent ripples of alterations through the timeline.

Along with these historical items he also carries with him a Solar Crystal bound to him and set in his Starfleet Academy class ring. It is a deep flawless sapphire blue.

When appropriate he is also known to carry a .50 caliber, 5 round, S&W 500 from the early 21st century Earth, the large ammunition allows him to put specialized rounds that represent higher technology than the pistol appears to possess. This is often used when he needs to be armed when in that time period.