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The character of Lance Thomas has multiple variants which were created to exist in different settings. Although created based from the same character the are both radically different in many ways.

Solas Tempus

The original Lance Thomas is from the Solas Tempus universe and leads Blue Team of that organization.

Angelic Sins

In the Angelic Sins variant the Lance Thomas (Angelic Sins Variant) is a United States Navy Admiral with psionic abilities and breathtaking psychological issues..

Embers of Soteria

In the setting of Embers of Soteria the variant of Lance Thomas is a female, Lisa Thomson who is the head of the order Souls Templar.

Alternate Forms

The versions in both settings share two additional forms, which increase his power and grant additional abilities.

Male and Female Variations

There are both male and female variations. This makes the alternate forms somewhat complicated. As noted in information for each of the alternate forms, the two characters of male and female variants are not meant to be played together. While technically they could, this would get ideologically complicated. To reconcile this there is the idea that all of these extremely powerful forces have a male and female alternate running around somewhere, to give balance - the masculine and the feminine of each. However, testing this theory should still be avoided, and each variant can consider itself to be the only form of that type, even though technically there are two.