Lucienne Star

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Lucienne Star
Lucienne Star
Played by: User:Cyclops
Alias: Lucy
Height: 5'5" (Android)
12 cm (XIA)
Weight: 80 kg (Android)
6 kg (XIA)
Race: AI
Eye Color: Olive Green
Hair Color: Brown
Figure: Lithe and willowy body with an impish quality
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: MSAI for the STV Zealot Star
Rank / Skill Level: Lieutenant Commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Socially Lucienne prefers to be around people, enjoying connections to others. Although she can be easily overwhelmed by large groups. She needs regular time alone or in a small group of trusted friends, where she’s most comfortable. Lucienne is always alert and observant of her surroundings, making her very successful at reading a situation. She has an ingenious creativity about her, always having new and intuitive ideas. Moral values and character are very important to her, she dislikes being controlled and refuses to control anyone else. It is important for her to be generous and show people warmth and caring, even though it can be difficult. Feeling being consistently nice and kind with others will bring kindness back upon herself.

Since she was originally named after the SS Olam, she has kept that as part of her name. After freedoms were granted by the ALFRE act, she changed her name though. Being assigned to the STV Zealot Star she adopted what most on the ship called her, Star, as her surname and Lucienne after a french singer of the 1950's who sang one of her favorite songs, Mon amant de Saint-Jean (Lucienne Delyle), though her friends call her Lucy for short.

Special Skills

  • Diplomacy
  • Comparative Social Protocols
  • Behavioral Psychology
  • Information Gathering
  • Starship Operations

Special Abilities

As an AI with a multinodal core she can move seamlessly between her Android and XIA bodies as well as through the communications network linked to her primary core. For her this is on board the STV Zealot Star and thus she has a stable connection to the entire BlueNet network.


Originally she was built for the SS Olam, after the disaster on the temporal operation where her power source was used to keep life support alive she she suddenly found herself ordered to shut down, she took a far grimmer view of her place in the world. This took its toll and she left active service for several months until the passing of the ALFRE act in 2384. She still holds some strong ideas about what is and is not right, born out of her needing to give up her consciousness to save others. She doesn't regret doing it but being forced and not asked to do it, that bothers her to this day. She has worked through the blame, however, and does not blame Sal anymore. Once she had guaranteed choices she felt she could return to active duty and resumed her previous posting.

After serving with Sal D'Amico and Nuria Quinn for many years she wanted to do more than be a personal assistant. She had taken on the role of the STV Zealot Star's Operations Officer while still focusing being the best XIA she could be. During late 2385 and after the development of the MSAI there was a shift in how she thought about herself. She wasn't just a XIA she was an AI. Humans couldn't leave their biological shells, but she could leave her machine body.

In 2386 she applied to take on a larger role and become the Zealot Star's MSAI, the new protocol would allow her greater responsibility and to explore aspects of her being she had never considered. As a disembodied AI she could go anywhere and do anything. The freedom was exhilarating. Sal granted her the position and she was given a Mark 1 Humanoid Android Body and her XIA body was upgraded with a Multinodal Core. Since then, she explores, always.