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The master system AI (MSAI) for a given vessel or facility is an assignment given to an AI system which has joined Solas Tempus. The AI is then responsible for maintaining the operations of the assigned location. Beyond just acting as the main computer, the AI will also have a specific rank and assigned role within the vessel or facility. On vessels they are usually assigned as executive or operations officers with similar assignments on stations or other larger facilities.


The assigned AI is given the capability to override system commands with the exception of authenticated command codes. In this way the AI can entirely take over all vessel or facility functions consciously and override the input from the crew, so long as control systems are not isolated using a proper command code higher than that of the AI. This is why the AI is assigned to a specific and high ranking role.

Variable Form

There are drawbacks to an AI that exists only within a ships computer, particularly if the ship loses power. An MSAI is to be issued (or if one exists already use) a humanoid android body and a XIA body utilizing Multinodal Core technology. The AI is free to choose the primary form they prefer to use but to allow the most versatility in a given situation, all 3 forms are available to the AI.


The MSAI is directed to ensure safety of the crew, the vessel / facility, and the mission objectives (in that order). While they are fully capable of taking over all functions if needed one of their primary objectives is to manage internal operations for the crew so the crew can be more effective. In a crisis the MSAI will take over basic functions as needed and directed by the commanding officer. Since the AI is trained to manage such situations wholistically they are able to better inform and assist the crew find optimal solutions to problems of vessel / facility operations during a crisis where time is of the essence.

As an additional duty an MSAI on a smaller vessel or facility can be directed to oversee operations if the crew is incapacitated or forced to temporarily leave. This is not to say that the AI is considered expendable, but the AI has a higher chance of surviving a crisis when life support and other critical systems are threatened. This can ensure that some or all of the crew can get to safety. Commanding officers should not put their assigned MSAI in situations where there is a low chance of survival unless absolutely necessary.

Commanding Officer / MSAI

General policy is for an MSAI to be assigned to a role under that of the commanding officer. While there is no specific rule against it, research indicates that assigning an AI to both roles can be putting too much onto the single AI to deal with long term. An AI commanding a vessel or facility should be assigned an seperate MSAI to handle operations in the role of Executive or Operations officer freeing the AI in command to focus on their own tasks. As such there is a career path for an MSAI to achieve career advancement.