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Malitae is a highly adaptive substance which exhibits properties of technology (in the form of nanites), a biological organism (similar to molds or fungus), and a paranormal entity (the substance has a will and power of thought unto itself).


1520, Sol System 
Solas Tempus encountered this substance on the USS Akron, details can be found in the Akron Incident report. The substance was shown to not only be able to think and adapt its tactics but also able to physically adapt to new methods of attack and defend itself against them.
2385, Schatten System 
It used the Akron to move through the wormhole opened by Solas Tempus and followed them to the Schatten Star System.

Known Properties

The physical substance moves similar to that of some slimes and molds, though incredibly fast. It can travel up walls, around corners, into and out of crevices. It is also shown to be able to somehow animate the dead and use their memories as well as somehow simulate require organ functions to allow the dead body to function. Technologically the substance is able to invade and infest technology both physically and with the use of sophisticated polymorphic virus code.

When operating technology, moving, or animating a dead body the substance acts with a singular will, indicating some form of presence or intelligence that is without corporeal form but is also somehow linked to the substance.

Working with the substance has recognized that it gives off a very faint odor at standard temperature and pressure, a mix of hydrocarbons, sulfur, and a sickly sweet smell. The odor is not powerful and easily overpowered by other scents. Computer analysis has not been able to determine all the chemicals responsible for the scent. It is likely to be some as yet undiscovered complex hydrocarbon chain interacting with oxygen. Possible the result of the substance's respiration and processing of air, light, and other consumption.