Mark IX Railgun

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The Mark IX Railgun is the latest in projectile weapons produced by Excalibur Inc. for the purposes of offensive combat. The device uses electromagnetic fields to propel its payload projectile upwards of Mach 6 in ideal conditions. The weapons fires depleted uranium cored rounds about 5mm in diameter at the base tampering to a point at 15mm long encased in an iron alloy.


The weapon uses a cartilage to store ammunition, each clip holds 250 rounds. Standard rounds at 5mm x 15mm tapered at the base to a point at the nose. These are composed of depleted uranium cores with an iron coating.


  • Single Shot
  • Burst Fire (5 round bursts)
  • Full Auto Fire
  • Sniper Mode

Sniper Mode

The device has a full sensor array in the scope which can lock onto an object and calculate the most optimal fire time. When the trigger is depressed the weapon measures all variables including the targets movement, range, wind conditions, humidity, and ambient heat. It then provides the shooter with a visual signal of precisely wear to line the weapon up. Once the weapon is within a certain tolerance of the locking parameters it auto-fires a single shot.