Markab Star System

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Type: A0IV Subgiant
Radius: 3.21 x 106 km (4.62 times Sol)
Mass: 6.56 x 1030 kg (3.33 times Sol)
Temperature: 10,000 K
Luminosity: 6.32 x 1028 W (165 times Sol)
Ecosphere:Between 1.71 and 4.01 AU
Location: Epsilon Tatva Sector
133 ly from Sol
Telros Lozan (El-Aurian, Male)
Jola Zona (Cardassian, Female)

Markab (also known as Alpha Pegasi) is a A-type Subgiant that has exhausted its hydrogen fuel and expanded around 5 times the radius of the Sun in the Sol system and located roughly 133 lightyears from Earth. Eventually the star will evolve into a Red Giant over the next several thousand years. The star gives off a more intense color spectrum than Sol and has a much higher gravity due to the core being more dense, fusion fueled by heavier elements.

The star system itself contains two planetary bodies, it is possible that more existed in the past, before Markab itself expanded. The planets are separated by a dense asteroid belt, believed to have once been another planet. It is theorized that the system once contained 4 planets, a smaller body close to the stars surface, now having been burned away by the expansion of the star and another one that destroyed by gravitational shifts and tidal forces.


Class: M
Distance: 2.95 AU
Period: 1.95 Years
Radius: 6,413.64 km (1.01 times Earth)
Gravity: 1.07 G
Paul Andrews (Human, Male)

The seat of power for the Serenity Concord is the planet Trocara (Tr-OH-Kar-aH) also known as Markab Prime, an M-Class world with a thriving ecosystem of flora and fauna. This planet is about the same size as Earth with a similar nickel/iron core and rotates on an extreme axis giving it a more extreme seasons. The planet has a long year and thus longer seasons, this is particularly useful in the growing seasons which are proportionally extended. A wide variety of planet / animal life holds similar characteristics to Earth. The atmosphere is thicker than most M-Class worlds and the planet itself has a more powerful magnetic field. The surface was first colonized as a scientific outpost for the United Federation of Planets in the mid 22nd century.

Solas Tempus and the Serenity Concord both have dedicated ground facilities on the surface. While Solas Tempus's headquarters are in orbit at Serenity Station, the seat of government for the Serenity Concord is on the planet's surface in the capital city of Stonsall, where the Trocara Facility for Solas Tempus is also located. Within the military facility is also the Lost to Time Memorial as well as dedicated transport facilities. Within the government campus is also the planet's Hermod Gate and dedicated governmental / civilian transport facilities.

Founding History

  • 2189 Federation Science Outpost Epsilon Five established.
  • 2190 Planets surface explored and mapped in detail from orbit and air.
  • 2191 Federation citizens permitted to colonize near the outpost after a detailed planetary survey.
  • 2247 Economy and population growth stabilized and self sufficient.


Class: P
Distance: 3.89 AU
Period: 1.95 Years
Radius: 6,603.93 km (1.04 times Earth)
Gravity: 0.99 G
Ruth Morgan (Human, Female)

This planet is similar in size to Earth, with slightly less gravity. The world sits on the very edge of the habitable zone and is thus an arctic world with high winds, ice storms, and permanent glaciers. Surface temperatures seldom rise above -13 degrees celsius. The planet axis is shifted but by less than a degree, giving it rather consistent seasons with little shift in weather.

The planet is difficult to inhabit, although a colony of Andorians is present on the planet and on good terms with the inhabitants of Markab Prime, trading the plentiful water, deuterium, and tritium with Markab Prime in exchange for difficult to grow fruits and vegetables along with some raw ore materials that are also in scarce supply on the world.

The Serenity Concord has an Andorian settlement on this planet, rich in deuterium by way of heavy water. The Ronin Shipyards facility in orbit uses these resources to refuel and maintained. Andoria contracts with the Concord for assistance in managing some of it's local trade fleets and they have mining rights to the planet in cooperation with the Concord.

Asteroid Belt

Orbiting at a mean distance of 5.62 AU from Markab, this extremely dense Asteroid Belt is rich in complex minerals ranging from Iron, Copper, Zinc, and Magnesium to more precious metals such as Titanium, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Some of the asteroids are large enough to hold very thin atmospheres. Rogue asteroids are rare and the systems Ort Cloud is very sparse, in theory when the gravity of the star increased most of the Ort cloud was drawn inward, this could help to explain why a planet might have broken up to form the asteroid belt. The Serenity Concord manages rights to the asteroid belt's rich resources. The United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire both have limited mining rights within the field. As yet no hostilities have broken out, the field itself is patrolled by Solas Tempus to maintain the peace.