Nekkar Star System

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This is an unexplored star system on the edge of known Serenity Concord Space. It had only been observed via long range subspace telescope arrays until very recently when a tremendous surge in temporal energy and graviton emissions were both strong enough to effect nearby objects in deep space within a 2 light-year radius. Previously unexplained bursts of X-Rays have been reported, they were at one point thought to be caused by a small dwarf companion star, but this has since been discovered to be false.

Star Type

Nekkar itself is a G8IIIa star. Approximately 3 solar masses and shining 19 times brighter than the sun. The star has a helium core and was once a main sequence drwaf star. It is currently at the beginning of a very slow transition to a red giant.


The star has two inner planets, both about a third of the size of Mars and having no atmosphere. A gas giant after the two inner planets displays a uniquely asymmetric orbit around the star, followed by a vast asteroid belt possibly the remains of destroyed planets. Then two more gas giants with typical orbits.

Starfleet Command sent the USS T'Kumbra to investigate the strange bursts of energy.

Anomalous Readings

The temporal and graviton energy was found to have originated from a scattering of 83 objects in a roughly ring-shaped pattern and a vessel of unknown origin at the center of the ring. Aboard the vessel several other artifacts were found. Starfleet classified the matter as top secret while it investigates. Other ships were also dispatched.

In addition a ring-shaped object was also detected orbiting the 3rd planet in the system. Metallic masses were detected deep within its atmosphere but recovery attempts have so far failed.

After an incident between Solas Tempus contractors and the USS T’Kumbra where one of the contractors was killed by a security team aboard the T'Kumbra. Solas Tempus initiated an investigation and sent a full team to the location. Elements of Starfleet Intelligence attempted to cordon off the planet prior to the arrival of Solas Tempus.

Area remains in control of Solas Tempus. Further information in the Vident Obscura report on the Nekkar Star System Anomalous Readings.