Nemo Terminal

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Nemo Terminal
Nemo Terminal
Class: Hermod Outpost
Affiliation: Solas Tempus

The Nemo Terminal is a replacement for Nemo Station, which was a platform station previously used to house the research team. In 2386 Solas Tempus replaced the platform station with a Hermod Outpost to make better use of the gate for covert transit. The station is located in the Tau Majestius Sector 2.9 lightyears from the Gamma Ovalos Star System. This station's location is highly classified and it generally runs in stealth mode with minimal EM or subspace emissions.

A research team of 37 are permanent residents of the outpost conducting research into the unique temporal and subspace-fields in the area with a focus on advancing technologies in the area. The station's research was pivotal in the construction project for the Hermes and Hermod Gates, particularly research done into controlling subspace field strength with overlapping fields. The research done here goes into development of new ways of manipulating space-time.