Nimbus Station

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Nimbus Station
Nimbus Station
Class: Atlantis Class City-Ship
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Security Chief: Mariko Shinon
Chief Engineer: Nul'Aiana
Chief Medical Officer: Celest Nevyn
MSAI: Leonard

She spliced into space near the edge of the Schatten Star System. The vessel was later landed on Soteria after a boarding party had to repel hostiles that had infested the station and lay dormant, waiting to feed on unsuspecting people who set foot on the vessel. Once landed and explored, the facility was ready for use by Solas Tempus. The city-ship landed on Soteria in the Kovas Ocean near the equator.

Primary Living Quarters

After the destruction of Blazing Umbra Station in December 2381, the City-Ship became the primary living area for all personnel, any new arrivals to the star system as well as other personnel reside here on the station.

Support Personnel

The city has a large enough space for pilots and support personnel to live on site. This includes all flight and maintenance personnel, operational personnel for the facility, and a large scientific continent for study of the planet.

Security Forces

In addition some of the internal space was converted to barracks where TACCOM and STS house the 1st through 4th Schatten Regiments (STS) and the 7th Taurus Regiment (TACCOM).

Auxiliary and Support Craft

The primary hanger bay holds several Puddle Jumper Class Shuttles, the secondary bay holds the 9th Gemini Wing, and a 3rd facility holds other support craft.

Standard Compliment

  • Primary Hanger Bay
20 Puddle Jumper Class Shuttles
  • Fighter Bay (Secondary Hanger)
9th Gemini Wing (142 craft)
3rd Orion Wing (111 craft)
  • Auxiliary Hanger
15 Danube Class Runabouts
15 Venture Class Runabouts
24 Type 6 Shuttle Craft
16 Type 7 Shuttle Craft
16 Type 9 Shuttle Craft
8 Type 11 Shuttle Craft

Refits for Solas Tempus Use

Since Gold Team has not yet been able to determine how a ZPM (Zero Point Module) is made, they have had to work with Green Team to refit the facilities power systems, installing 3 Matter-Antimatter Reactors as well as a number of Fusion Reactors to the station as backup power supplies. In addition, the facility was not designed with transporters in mind, Green Team was also able to outfit the facility with 25 personnel transporters and 10 more cargo transporters.


According to the onboard database, the city-ship was constructed as a research outpost to study various ways of altering space-time to travel to vast distances in a short amount of time. This inevitably lead to the facility attracting unwanted visitors called the Wraith. These creatures are a genetic hybrid between an insect-like species and humanoids, they feed off of the life energy of other living beings. The facilities original builders had to evacuate the facility after it was overrun and set the city's self destruct. The destruct was disabled by the Wraith but the city-ship was already in deep space so the Wraith went into hibernation waiting for the city-ship to be boarded so they could escape and feed.

There is no mention in the city database on how the city came to splice into this reality, and it is believed to have been random - though fortuitous - chance.