Nova Class Starship

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The Nova Class is a light research vessel designed to replace the Oberth Class Starship. The vessel is designed to be light, maneuverable, and able to applied to as many mission roles as possible. The vessel was designed with civilian or science crews in mind, though its configuration can be easily altered to a more militaristic role in a drydock facility. The design team also opted to design the vessel with a high performance auxiliary craft slated for use on planetary survey / scout missions dubbed the Waverider. She also comes with another notable feature, that is the capability to land on a planet surface. The vessel is one of the first Starfleet ships in decades to be equipped for planetary landing.

180 x 43 x 35 meters
15 Officers / 85 Enlisted
Cruising Speed
Warp 7.2 / Fold 6.5
Max Speed
Warp 9 / Fold 7.62
Emergency Speed
Warp 9.9 / Fold 8 for 1 hour
Power Source
Matter / Antimatter Reactor
Fusion Reactors
Enhanced Warp Drive
Dimensional Fold Drive
Gravitational Displacement Drive
Deck Plans
Nova Class Starship Deck Plans

Offensive Systems

  • 11 Type X Phaser Arrays
  • 2 Forward Torpedo Launchers

Defensive Systems

Auxiliary Craft


16 x 15 x 3.5 meters
2-4 Standard / Evacuation 10
Cruising Speed
Warp 3
Flank Speed
Warp 4.7
Burst Speed
Warp 6.59 (1 hour)

The Waverider is designed primarily as a support vehicle for the starship with a focus for planetary / interplanetary flight.

Offensive Systems

  • 2 Type V Phaser Arrays
  • 1 Microtorpedo Launcher

Defensive Systems

Interior Detail


Standard bridge configuration.