Candy Poole

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Candy Poole
Candy Eleanor Poole
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 120 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 47
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Head of Solas Tempus
Temporal Operative
Rank / Skill Level: Fleet Admiral
Status: Deceased

Candy is brash and comes off seriously heartless and cold. Years of work in covert operations have left her overwhelmingly pragmatic with little room in her heart left for feelings and relationships. Her relationship with Lance Thomas is a very real and powerful reason she doesn't open up to anyone, as it stands neither party feel that the relationship can even be talked about. There is just too much history there.


Innate Abilities

Cybernetic Implants


Primary Skills

  • Strategy
  • Social Engineering
  • Computer Hacking
  • Survival
  • Covert Operations

Secondary Skills

  • Piloting
  • Temporal Theory
  • Jury-Rigging

Other Skills

  • High Energy Physics
  • Special Weapons


Candy was originally a Starfleet officer who was then recruited into Section 31 as a Lieutenant for temporal missions. Primarily she tasked with capturing and neutralizing threats to the past, even if she had to chase them down to get there. Her protocols were very strict, leave on one left alive and at no point in time engage a target in the past unless complete confidentiality could be assured.

After only a few years of this she was assigned to the team of Lance Thomas, then a Captain (she had just been promoted to Commander when joining the team). While Thomas and her grew closer the idealism with which they operated their research and covert missions began to break down. Missions became increasingly dangerous with respect to temporal corruption. She herself began to suspect that it wouldn't be long before they were assigned to actually alter the past, something she had spent her life training against.

Then the alterations became apparent. The library computer system of the vessel began to become increasingly out of sync with that of the Starfleet library computer. The science team began doing illegal research off the books. They came to the same conclusion over and over again, that two opposing forces were using time travel to fight for control of the past.

Eventually her commanding officer came up with a plan, they (along with a good portion of the team) would go AWOL and try to protect the timeline. They had become increasingly certain that Section 31 was dangerously close to finding a way to use time travel to their benefit and being unsure if Section 31 were one of the two powers, a third power, or even what side of the line Section 31 was on, it became clear they needed to act.

The AWOL team eventually became Solas Tempus. Soon after forming this new team, the pair let their relationship grow beyond the confines of what was allowed by Starfleet falling in love with each other. When the new organization began to diversify the, then, leader of the team (Admiral Lance Thomas) began to butt heads with Candy. She wanted to segment the organization into divisions each with its own command structure, he wanted to command the organization but retain his ability to go on missions. The two ideas were incompatible, as the team looked for guidance, Candy pushed for a solution, divide the group into three teams, for which Thomas would remain in command of all temporal actions but where she would administer and coordinate between the teams. She was then promoted over Thomas in rank becoming Fleet Admiral.

The transition caused no small tension between the couple. The final straw came when Candy went on an operation shortly after finding out and telling Lance that she was pregnant. During the operation, Candy got into serious trouble where the child was killed. Lance had to go back to the past, against orders, to rescue her but it was too late for their child. The tension from neither being able to express their feelings to the other split the couple up.

Candy hates to see Lance with others, but is too pragmatic to step in. She just doesn't see the point.