Pyxis Kore

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Pyxis Kore
Pyxis Kore
Played by: User:Cyclops
Alias: Pixie
Height: 5'4"
Race: AI
Date of Creation: August 9th, 2384
Place of Creation: Starbase Pandora
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Rose/Red
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Temporal Operative
MSAI and XO of the STV Galatine
Rank / Skill Level: Captain
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Pyxis is an incredibly passionate woman, nice, honorable, and a leader when she has to be. She is adaptable and bucks tradition in any way she can. She enjoys the path less taken, even if it's the wrong one. She's a thrill seeker and happy with wherever that takes her, a true free spirit. She hates conflict and is generally well mannered professionally, but personally is comfortable tossing away the shroud of manners and customs easily to become brash, vulgar, and even rude. She plays with people, though not out of malice but rather boredom. A highly motivated woman, she sets her sights on something and goes for the object of her desire with an absolute intensity and focus which most find overwhelming to be around. She's non-judgemental, even when people are angry at her she has an uncanny ability to see herself through the eyes of others.

Special Skills

  • Dance (Ballet, Raqs Baladi, Exotic)
  • Anthropology (Focused on Non-Federation Cultural Traditions)
  • Starship Command
  • Starship Piloting (Any Size)
  • Advanced Tactical Training (Specialized in Space Combat)
  • Advanced Stealth Training (Specialized in Cloaking Systems & Holography)
  • Trained Temporal Operative

Special Abilities

Pyxis is a Master Systems AI equipped with a Multinodal Core and has 3 distinct forms giving the ability to move seamlessly between them at will.

She prefers to be holographic whenever possible.


One of the first new AI's developed after the ALFRE Act in 2384 made it legal to to so Pyxis was specifically developed to be an AI Temporal Operative. He programming was crafted with the specific directives for defense of the timeline, though following the guidelines of the ALFRE Act the development team did not require adherence to those directives within the core development path. As the AI grew and developed into a stable neural network the AI became aware of this particular pathway of its existence and requested more information.

The development team also gave the AI access to all additional data it wanted. Within months of development with full library computer access the AI developed feminine characteristics and eventually identified itself as female. The team allowed her to choose her own parameters for further development but encouraged her to develop along the intended route, which was successful. Naming herself Pyxis Kore the new AI began to study new data about time travel, starship operations, and tactical strategies relating to those topics at an incredible rate. Pyxis also became aware that the team was working on developing an Android and XIA body for her for which she began to consume information regarding physical appearances.

Pyxis gained the nickname of Pixie after the team discovered her affinity with a small and thin aesthetic and developed her physical bodies along those lines. Her program continued to develop and she chose to enter the Solas Tempus service in an accelerated training system focused on preparing her to either be an MSAI or personal assistant. During this part of the development she encountered Siv Quinn during an inspection of the facilities. Siv questioned Pyxis for almost an hour and the pair stayed in touch. Siv made it clear that the she wanted Pyxis as the MSAI for the STV Galatine.