Realm of Dusnain

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The Realm of Dusnain sits to the East of Thaentis, generally speaking the border is considered to be the Bighy Riber and the Erast Forest but it varies from time to time. The two powers are at peace and there is free trade between them. Dusnain is a much harsher area, filling with mountains and foothills.

Political Structure

Prime Minister
Arden Goldsmith

While once a monarchy Dusnain has moved to a representative republic with the Prime Minister overseeing justice and contact with other powers the Council of Lords manages internal affairs such as levying taxes, passing laws, and setting internal policy. There is still a royal family that retains the title of King and Queen but they are mostly symbolic and have very little real power under the law. The main source of their power is in their ability to swing public opinion.


Since the climate within Dusnain is a harsh one, they trade a great deal of more refined goods and services. One of their biggest exports is in builders, known throughout the 10 Kingdoms as excellent stone masons. Other than that they trade coffee and tea for which they grow in abundance to import many of the things they cannot make themselves, particularly timber which they have little of. In addition Dusnain is becoming known as a place which produces fine spirits, though some kinds of mead mostly strong spirits such as Vodka, Gin, and Whiskey.

Masons Guild

The Masons Guild of Dusnain is a secretive organization that trains builders who oversee construction throughout the 10 Kingdoms. They pay homage to the Council of Lords and to the Prime Minister and are entitled to significant political and economic privileges at home. They are known to be experts at construction and have taken part in the design, construction, upkeep, and repair of castles and citadels throughout the 10 Kingdoms.


The people of Dusnain are hearty and primarily focus on strength, courage, and honesty. They believe strongly in a good days labor, the larger the better. They live generally simple lives but are known to be able to withstand great deals of hardship and are exceptionally good problem solvers as a whole.