Registry Designations

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Several designations for vessel registry numbers assist in identifying the type of ship, it's role, and / or its organization.

Starfleet Command

Often times if Starfleet Command relinquishes control of a vessel it retains its registry number.

  • NAR
Science vessel.
  • NBT
Civilian vessel.
  • NCC
Military vessel.
  • NCV
Military vessel with time travel capabilities. (not in use per Temporal Reconciliations)

Solas Tempus

If Solas Tempus gains control of a vessel used by their enemy it may also have -C between the prefix and it's number to designate that it was captured.

  • RV
Reconnaissance Vessel
  • SOV
Science Operations Vessel
  • STV
Solas Tempus Vessel (Used for Runabout Sized and Below)
  • STX
Solas Tempus Experimental
  • TOV
Temporal Operations Vessel
  • TSV
Terrestrial Science Vessel

Codename Onyx

  • ONX
Codename Onyx Vessel (Used for Runabout Sized and Below)