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A role playing game has a lot of different definitions and is widely used, occasionally misused. In the world of computer / console gaming a role playing game (also called an RPG) is found in games like Wold of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Planescape Torment, etc.. These games don't really describe what we do here on this server and thus can be a bit misleading as these are narrow in field and scope compared to where the term came from.

RPG Origin

A role playing game has its origin in the idea of adult make believe. Games like Dungeons and Dragons are a lot closer to what we do here on this server than things like World of Warcraft. In these the game takes place largely in ones imagination, much like a book. You have characters and you react and play in that role for the purposes of the game. This is a little difficult for novices to understand, I know that is was for me when I started (back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and cell phones didn't have text messaging).

What does Role Playing mean here?

Here, it means collaborative writing. This server focuses heavily on stories and plot, that means we're not so much about battles or sex as we are about what is going on, building characters, having them interact, and providing storylines in which they can grow and evolve according to where we'd like them to go. Since we use a format called FFRP (Free Form Role Play), we do not use dice except when it is necessary to do so. We would much prefer, overall, to trust our players to react in appropriate ways without using dice to enforce it.

Dice are usually used to ensure things are fare, you roll, random chance decides what happens and this means that (in theory) everyone gets a chance at success. In reality, it seldom feels that way, but dice an provide a good amount of unexpected elements to game play. So we have a dice bot that we use when it might be nice to have random chance decide things. Overall though, this isn't about the dice (or the random number generator) it is about the writing and having fun.

Here, you write chunks of text which describe how your character interacts with the world around them.