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This is a guide not just for new role players but for existing ones who perhaps want to know tips on how to improve. Though it should be noted that the number of ways a person can role play is about as diverse as the number of people who could be role playing. With any online activity, it is recommended that people read the Guide to Online Bliss which really says it all when it comes to the basic idea of how stressful one should let the online world be. Before really starting anything else, this is a game and is meant to be fun. If playing here makes a person stressed out or unhappy then they are encouraged to leave or take a break. This is not because the community doesn't want people who are stressed out around or people who are unhappy or depressed around, this is because this is a game and as such one should not let it matter in their daily life to the point that they are adversely effected by its contents.

Introduction to Role Playing

  • Role Play Defined is for new players who are not familiar with what role playing is and what role play itself means.
  • Terminology and definitions are also listed for new players to familiarize themselves with what everything means.
  • Our Writing Guide is meant to introduce new players to how to construct posts (emotes) for participation in our game.
  • Character Approval is required, and any finalized character should meet the guidelines for doing such.
  • Our Character Creation Guide gives an idea of how to create a character, including considerations for giving a character multiple dimensions for play.

Beginning Play

Creating Content

  • For those wishing to create new story's, see our Story Creation Guidelines.
  • When creating or running a new story, there can be important considerations of Technology and Plot which come up, it is important to take such things into consideration.

Other Guides

  • For a player wishing their character to live in space, we have guidelines for doing that.
This guide basically includes special considerations and possible solutions for common problems faced in creating a well rounded and believable character who lives in space.
This is less of a guide, however, and more of a primer on where AI is in the actual world and thus where it might be in the future to explain some basic modifications to the Star Trek norm on the subject.
This article describes the basic way time travel is seen in the setting and can be useful for someone wishing to run or participate in a time travel focused story arc.
  • Since multiple settings are open to be used here, we've had to build some Technological Kluges to explain how many things fit together.
This is basically a list of contradictory terms from various settings, such as how laser is defined in Star Trek and how that relates to Star Wars, Warhammer, and the like. This document grows when we see a conflict that needs to be resolved through some pre-defined measure. Lasers were of particular concern, as were some of the Warhammer 40k weaponry, and The Force in conjunction with Star Wars characters appearing in the setting. Once something is defined here, that is how it is seen in game.
This covers how those terms are used within the Blazing Umbra Setting. This does not include the conflict between the terms of Hyperspace as it is used here (derived from Babylon 5) and how it is used in Star Wars. See the Technological Kluges article for that.