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The Rose Council is made of of the leaders (or their representatives) of each of the 10 Kingdoms of Elder Soteria. Created by the Peace of Ages to allow the leaders of the kingdoms a safe place to gather and decide on important issues. The Charter of the council makes sure that no member attacks or undermines another, though the details of the Charter is not known to the public.

Provisions of the Charter

  • No single kingdom shall dominate another
  • No Kingdom shall make alliances with other member kingdoms to undermine the council
  • No kingdom shall have policies which undermine the council or other kingdoms
  • All people within the 10 Kingdoms shall be guaranteed rights under the law
  • All people shall respect the laws of the kingdom they are in


The council has the authority to utilize the Souls Templar to enforce the agreements of the Peace of Ages and the Charter of the Rose Council. However, the Rose Council does not have direct authority over the internal politics of member kingdoms unless the provisions of the Charter are violated.


The council also works with the governments of the 10 Kingdoms to outlaw the uses of certain forms of magic for both magic users and psionics.

Banned Forms of Magic

  • Fate Magic
Fate magic manipulates or draws energy from the fabric of reality itself as it has been spun by the 3 fates. This magic is unstable and quite dangerous as it can disrupt time itself in unpredictable ways.