Rose Palace

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The Rose Palace is located in the valley between the mountains to the south of the Realm of Dusnain and to the north of the Kingdom of Braebar. The Rose Council meet there regularly, the representatives of the kingdoms have stayed in residence there since the beginning of the Peace of Ages. The keep is expansive and has rooms for a great many guests at the keep. This also serves as the home of the Souls Templar.

Hall of the Rose

At the heart of the Rose Palace is the Hall of the Rose, the meeting place for the Rose Council. The hall is at the center of the palace two winding staircases lead directly to it from levels above and is perpetually lit with globes of light inset into the pillars. The chamber is a level below ground, encased in solid granite stonework and protected by runes which guard against eavesdropping. Water is circulated around the council table and chairs through aqueducts, it is kept pure and clean. The placid water is meant to remind the council of the value in peace. The water also provides a separation, none but the council members are permitted too close to the table. A ruling monarch of a particular kingdom can assert themselves and replace their council member, if they desire. It rarely happens this way though. In this even the Grand Master (Mistress) of the Souls Templar does not have a seat at the table unless called upon by the council.