STV Basilisk (TOV-3297-A)

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STV Basilisk (TOV-3297-A)
Class: Icarus Class Starship
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Status: Active

The STV Basilisk was an experimental starship found after an unknown distress call in deep space came over subspace. Several units were sent to investigate, it was found the distress call came from one of its auxiliary vessels, a Miranda Refit Class Starship, which had a violent accident in an experimental drive system. The resulting explosion sliced into space-time and caused the Basilisk to fall into a rift along with the Miranda Class ship, though that ship was largely destroyed in the explosion leaving only sections of the saucer intact.

Later the ship was found to be abandoned from the other side of the rift, except for a number of auxiliary starships in its bays and other equipment. It is unclear where the ship actually comes from, if it is the future or an alternate reality (or both). However, Solas Tempus was able to pull the ship out of the rift before it closed and began to study the vessel for use. It is clearly a Solas Tempus vessel itself, though far more advanced than any other vessels at the time.