STV Eros Decay (TOV-C-0001)

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Eros Decay
STV Eros Decay (TOV-C-0001)
Class: Galaxy Class Starship
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Commanding Officer: Captain Kiss Veronika
Status: Active

She was captured from Onyx in the year 1520 during a Theta Protocol emergency. After returning to the present and undergoing repair and refit at the Umbral Shipyards, she was assigned to Captain Kiss Veronika.

Service History

While the service history of the Eros Decay is unknown prior to January 29, 1520 when the vessel was captured from Onyx.

Initial Capture (1520)

On January 29th, 1520 the vessel was captured after it suffered significant damage from the USS Drakon in concert with the STV Amygdala. The vessel was disabled and the Amygdala beamed over their own specific clone troops to take control over the vessel. She was captured at the same time as the STV Zealot Star. The original designation of the vessel was the ONX Eros Decay with the registry of CCV-13421-A. The vessel's designation was changed as the vessel was captured, rather than donated or contracted to Solas Tempus.