STV Stellar Horizon (SOV-010)

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Stellar Horizon
STV Stellar Horizon (SOV-010)
Class: Nova Class Starship
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Commanding Officer: Kyria Amphion
Executive Officer: Typhos Valera
Operations Officer: Amy Redford
Security Chief: Asmodius-105
Chief Engineer: Five of Ten
Chief Medical Officer: Alex Michaels
Pilot: Alema
MSAI: Kyria Amphion
Quote: "If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. The extent to which you can walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food, it’s a plus for everybody. Open your mind, get up off the couch. Move." - Anthony Bourdain
Waverider: Discovery
Discovery Pilot: Sylvie

She is a newly refit vessel originally purchased from the Proxima Maintenance Yards of Starfleet Command, having been refit as a science and exploration vessel her refit was completed on June 8th, 2384. Launched in 2385 as the named ship in the Stellar Horizon Project she launched with one of the first MSAI installations in Kyria Amphion as the Commanding Officer of the vessel. A step up from the planned XIA addition which was in the original specs. Prior to launch the computer system received a significant upgrade including the multinodal core.


The Stellar Horizon was refit with exploration in mind.

Higher capacity pattern buffers and longer range sensors.
Both the Stellar Horizon and the Waverider vessel Allegiance contain this refit.
Does not replace the Warp Drive or Impulse Drive systems but works alongside them both.
Allows for a faster lock on to its location by the Janus Gate.
Both the Stellar Horizon and the Waverider vessel Allegiance contain this refit.
  • Other Classified Refits
The remaining refits are classified by order of Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas.

Service History

Originally the vessel was named the USS Tribune with the registry number of NCC-36591 while in the service of Starfleet Command. When Solas Tempus purchased the vessel it had been heavily damaged in an encounter with the Dominion during the war and was pending a decision to refit or scrap the vessel. Originally built in 2372 the vessel was primarily a scout ship during the Dominion war before it was damaged attempting to survey potential targets in Cardassian space in 2374. The vessel was able to limp back into Federation space but was deemed to be a near total loss with significant damage to its underly space frame crippling its Warp capabilities.
Starfleet Command agrees that Solas Tempus can choose 15 vessels with significant damage to use for refit or scraped for parts from the Proxima Maintenance Yard.
Solas Tempus sends a convoy to ready the Tribune and 14 other damaged vessels for towing back to the Ronin Shipyards.
Extensive repair and refit of the Tribune complete, vessel is re-christened the Stellar Horizon. Under orders of Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas the vessel undergoes further specialized refits during the first half of the same year, as part of Project Stellar Horizon. The vessel is then towed to Umbral Shipyards to complete its inspection and testing prior to its launch.

Bridge Module