Scarlet Aquinn

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Scarlet Aquinn
Scarlet Aquinn.jpg
Scarlet Aquinn
Played by: User:Thatotakugalaxy
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 123 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 19
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Birth: Chicago
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Purple (long)
Figure: Average, Refined cheeks. Slightly pointy, small ears.
Universe of Origin: Angelic sins
Occupation: Witch
Rank / Skill Level: High-classed witch
Status: Abandoned
Setting: Angelic Sins

Very gentle, and kind. But she can be a bit too energetic and excited.

Special Skills

Her body is flexible, and meant for acrobatics, which lets her have a above average running speed, and the like.

Special Abilities

Witches broom - Her bodies energy powers her witches broom, meaning while she could travel for hours at a time, it would drain her at slow amounts.

Magia spiralis - Using her wand, she is able to cast a spell which sends a the object, or human directed at, spiraling far into the sky up to 20 feet.

Ventus Inspiratione - Causes a large gust of wind to start up. The more energy put into it, the rougher and larger the wind's stream gets.

Magicis impetus tempestatis - A forbidden spell only mastered by few, which causes a extremely large whirlwind blast to begin, the whirlwind lasts as long as the user's body can take it, sucking up all their power and energy into one large blast. the spell can cause many side effects, such as temporary paralysis, Short coma, or worse. It is currently only ever been mastered by two people, who are now dead. She aims to master this, and Fugam ad avem.

Fugam ad avem - A very simple, yet dangerous if not done careful spell. Fugam ad avem causes the user's body to temporarily gain the ability of flight. Unfortunately, this spell is dangerous due to, like Magicis impetus tempestatis, using the users body to the max. Many have mastered it, And is used as one of the trials of becoming a professional witch, who is allowed to roam earth without worry.

Book of exponentia - The book of exponentia allows scarlet to use smaller spells, learned and mastered by all first years. They are given the book after their 5th year of witchery, which is like a badge of honor. Loosing this book is like loosing your treasured lover to a witch.

Come to me, Magia! - Her wand can be summoned to herself, at the loss of a bit of energy. Its only used in situations of which her wand is lost, or she's in dire need of it. there is only a 2% chance her wand will not come to her, as she has mastered this.

Come to me, Scoparum manubrio! - Her broomstick can also be summoned, but at a loss of a larger amount of energy then her wand. There is also a 40% chance that her broomstick will not come to her, as she has never mastered this.

Canticum canticorum - This spell does not use energy, but instead, emotions. Using this spell sends a song through the ears of those within 5-10 feet, and can put them in a certain mood. The song is sung by using the wand to transform it into a harp, and play the melody of an emotion. Unfortunately, whatever emotion this is triples on the user. So if they cast a sad aura, they will become extremely depressed. If they use a happy aura, they will get extremely excited and uncontrollably happy. Its a simple side spell used by witches who do not have enough magic and energy, and are too weak to fight as a witch.


Born into a human family, Young scarlet once saw a witchcraft show, and her career started there. At the age of 4, she wanted to become a witch, and go to a witchery academy. Unfortunately, those not born with witchery in their family genetics and lines are unable to attend witch academies. it wasn't until she was 11 that she discovered she had magic. She began to learn at home by herself, and 2 months later, was nominated for a witchery academy. One of the largest in her world. She studied hard, and made it through for over 8 years. Over those 8 years, her group was known for getting into lots of trouble. One day, she was roaming the high-class library halls, and found a secret door. She followed this door down to a dungeon, and found a portal. This portal began to call to her, and called her in. Before she knew it, she was back on earth, falling right over the large desert, near Ad Undas to which a slightly large crater is formed from a barrier being casted over her body as she entered the portal.