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They are a noncorporeal race of beings made of plasma-energy. They are intelligent and while they live as a communal colony of connecting beings they are also individuals. They feed off of nearby plasma / energy sources, able to tap into such sources at a distance and absorb them.


They are a communal species living as a singular mass of plasma-energy connected but each entity is also distinct within. They are most fulfilled by their community and this is expressed through the joining of energies to share thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences freely between them. They believe they are the apex of evolution and hold a deep disdain for other forms of life, which they consider to be lesser beings. They do watch such beings with amusement from far away but for the most part they stay to their own kind. The value both curiosity and caution. They have no sense of gender.

They are immortal creatures and thus do not understand death.


Harmony is prized above all else. Leadership is loose and a combination of age, experience, and wisdom are the qualities prized most for a leader. Companionship is highly important to them and being segregated from the whole / alone by choice is seen as a sign of mental illness. Free will is valued to the point that it does not disrupt the communal harmony. Small clusters of them will explore and learn about the outside worlds / lesser life forms and bring that knowledge back to the group to be shared.

Confrontation / Conflict

Conflicts are rare and judged harshly. Internally they will cut offenders off from the group for hostility to their own. Not supporting the group is seen as a taboo and unbelievably selfish. They can be violent to others (i.e. lesser beings) when threatened and see absolutely no value in other life forms at all.

They are not aggressive – they will rarely choose to even acknowledge other species if they have a choice. Their willingness to harm others is a function of self defense. When threatened they will retaliate in the strongest possible terms and in a unified way.

Origins / History

They formed in a stellar remnant nebula near a powerful subspace anomaly as cohesive patterns of energy near the galactic core. This energy flowed through the nebular plasma and eventually fused with the ion particles, changing their shape and controlling the ions. The society was born out of the control of ion streams, each fragment of energy developed unique currents of energy and this later developed into personality within the unique energy signature. These regions of unique energy split infinitely but stayed connected forming many “voices” into one whole that ebbs and flows throughout the nebula. They are all connected and thus there are no secrets, no lies, and an infinite flow of ideas, thoughts, and through this a kind of conversation.


  • Shape Changing
  • Shifting to/from Energy and Matter
  • Telepathy / Empathy (for their own kind)
  • Shifting from Gaseous to Solid
  • Reanimation of Dead Bodies

When dormant they exist as solid matter, especially if drained of energy.

Psychic Contact with Solids

The psychic contact which the Segnesh can do is not compatible with conventional (solid) life forms and will usually cause some form of psychosis.

Usage of Dead Bodies

The Segnesh do not understand the cultural taboo of using their abilities to animate a corpse. They have rarely had to use this ability as they tend to avoid other life forms. In the small number of cases which they have been forced into contact, they have become aware that their telepathic contact causes undesirable results and thus will use corpses to attempt to communicate when forced. This contact leaves the bodies with burn marks where the Segnesh has touched the corpse and can leave damage to the brain, nervous system, and muscles as well.


They are plasma energy based and can be disrupted by changing the energy patterns. Thought hey are immune to physical attack, some energy attacks may have limited effectiveness.