Server Ranks and Descriptions

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This page describes all the ranks the server uses and what they mean / how to get them. Some ranks are elected, some are appointed, and some are paid for (using our Patreon).

Staff Positions

The two staff positions are SysOp and Moderator. Their jobs are very similar, a SysOp is primarily in charge of administrative duties to do with the server. SysOps also share responsibility with Moderators for keeping game play going. Both parties will administer player roles, approve / deny new characters, set roles that manage access to various channels. They will also do some minor conflict resolution, mainly with an angle toward providing a safe and secure place for role play and writing to take place.

We have a Patreon page, as mentioned above. Players who donate will get one of two ranks, Patron and Grand Patron. These ranks signify that the player has contributed toward the server costs for keeping our website running and various other endeavors that we do.

Honorary Ranks

Active players who were here within the server's first year of life are granted the role of Founder. This signifies that the player has not only been active on the server since it's first year of life but that they have contributed to the back story, technology, or some other aspect of the role play. Players with this rank are granted some amount of leeway on the server and are trusted to self-moderate with some issues that other players may not be allowed to do. They have earned this spot by both sticking with the server this long but also contributing their writing to its evolution.