Siv Quinn

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Siv Quinn
Siv Quinn
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Female
Race: AI
Date of Creation: July 3rd, 2381 (Body)
April 3rd, 2375 (AI)
Place of Creation: Blazing Umbra Station (Body)
Starbase Pandora (AI)
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Red
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: CO of the STV Galatine and STV Mad Impression
Head of Temporal Operations
Rank / Skill Level: Admiral
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Siv has a selfless and generous way, keenly aware of the emotions of herself and others she can be incredibly difficult to set off balance. She's a perfectionist and arrogant about it often feeling she's right. Due to her breadth of study she is often right, something that tends to annoy those around her. She can be exuberant and passionate to those she knows but tends to be more reserved publically. She is complacent about her own achievements with a strong sense of self and purpose, she knows who she is and believes without a shadow of a doubt that she's earned a seat at whatever table she sets are sights at. Siv takes a non-traditional approach to life, trusting instincts more than procedures and rules. To her friends and colleagues she's faithful, true to her word and only giving her word when it's something she knows she can follow through with. In all things she has a noble air, owing to her complete and utter confidence in herself, her abilities, and that she can take whatever life throws at her. She thinks strategically through difficult situations with a goal in mind. This goal oriented thinking drives her and her perfectionism fuels that drive. Often Siv has been compared to a dog with a bone. When she doesn't understand something and needs to learn, she does so with all of her effort in an all consuming way. Throughout her life this has lead her to learning a wide array of topics to an impressive depth. She consumes information like a sponge.

In her personal life, Siv makes friends slowly. She doesn't feel this urge to branch out and network with people. This behavior has attracted to her a small but close set of friends who feel similarly. Though she tends to be the center of any social group once she's in it long enough, those groups are rather tertiary to those close to her. She is appreciative of people who have an easy way about them, who don't need to be friends with everyone to validate themselves.

Professionally she is a reserved leader, prefering to let experience teach those under her while she gives suggestions and provides resources. She detests being forced to hand-hold someone but will do so gladly if the situation calls for it, especially if it could provide a way for someone to learn something they need to learn.


While Siv knows a great deal about a lot of topics she has focused on a few specific areas more than others.

  • Starship Operations
  • Navigation
  • Piloting (Space / Atmospheric)
  • Covert Operations
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Hand to Hand Combat

Despite her training in covert operations, she has never been able to be successful as a seductress or someone who uses sex to get what she wants. Her strengths are mostly in executing covert missions to enter and exit an area secretly for a specific goal (such as personal extraction). In her spare time she is an accomplished violinist player and quite enjoys games of chance, such as Poker, Black Jack, or Roulette but with a particular soft spot for dice games.

Special Equipment

Currently she is equipped with a multinodal core and can move in and out of computer systems connected via BlueNet or similar networks. Even so she almost never travels outside of her android body.

Android Body

Siv's android body came years after her initial creation. A new arrival to the Blazing Umbra Station was asked to construct her body in secret. Most even in Solas Tempus were not aware that HAL had created an entirely new AI and Admiral Thomas wished to allow her freedom of movement and an added measure of security.

Within the body is installed a prototype personal shield generator as well as an emergency transporter node which has the ability to beam her out of a situation to safety.

Later this prototype body was replaced by the Mark I Humanoid Android Body.

Solar Crystal Ring

Solar Crystal Ring

Somewhat as an experiment, Siv was gifted with a Solar Crystal ring by Lance Thomas himself not long after they'd been working together for a while. Part of him was too old and set in his ways, he wanted to know if it would bond with her as an artificial life form. This prejudice on his part was proven to be misplaced when the ring did indeed bond with her. The clear white stone changed rapidly to a deep ruby red color. After some months of her having it, he confided in her what it was and why he'd given it to her. He'd given it to her on the occasion of her first celebration of a year in an android body. The ring has imparted on her an amplification of her own abilities of empathic awareness, though for her it isn't like it is for other beings. For her, she describes the feeling as having an extra subroutine unfold in her neural nets.

She rarely uses the ring, but does know how. To her, she prefers to rely on what she understands and what can be seen with science and technology, as she is a piece of technology herself. She does wear the ring though, the stone set in a rose gold ring, her fondness of the metal is not known to many but somehow Lance divined it without asking. While she behaves as if the gift is no big deal, it is precious to her on many levels. She has no idea how to express that other than with a gift for Lance on his birthday every year, something she spends considerable time thinking about.


Siv's programming was created as an experiment by the HAL 9000 computer system as a possible way to allow Temporal Operatives to have better access to timely information that was more contextual while also reducing the load on the HAL systems and transmission lines to Starbase Pandora. The project was never intended to actually go live, and simply started as a simulation. However, unexpectedly the experimental consciousness became sentient on April 3rd, 2375 and there was no ethical way to destroy the program as it was now a living being. Once she became sentient, she chose a name; Siv (pronounced Sif) and the female gender identity of a human.

The original project was created without a gender assigned, as it was not important to the data being gathered. However, once the project gained sentience and was declared to be a living being the AI was encouraged to explore such aspects and was given direct access to the Federation cultural databases. While the exact process of choices is not known the AI chose to adopt a human female appearance and cultural identity. It is not known if she already identified with a female cultural normality or if this was adopted after said choice.