Sleipnir (STV-105-A)

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Sleipnir (STV-105-A)
Class: Baudo Class Runabout
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Pilot: Admiral Lance Thomas
Quote: "A wise man's heart is seldom cheerful." - From the Hávamál (The Ballad of the High One) part of the Poetic Edda
Status: Destroyed

The ships name is pronounced SLAYP-neer, she is a modified light scout ship outfit for Solas Tempus use in covert and temporal operations. The vessel is one of the smallest ships to be equipped with a full HAL 9000 Hub as well as temporal signaling equipment.


The vessel's drive system has been heavily modified to be the smallest installation of a Dimensional Fold Drive on record, the size limitations have required that the drive be used in short spurts, however, while the vessels energy stores regenerate after a temporal jump. Thus to use the drive the ships power systems require to charge an amount of time proportional to how far the vessel needs to go both in 3 dimensional space as well as through the timeline.

She is also outfit with holographic hull markings as energy signature modification systems like other stealth vessels.