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The organization is an offshoot of a research project looking into temporal anomalies throughout known space. Solas Tempus was formed after research discovered the possibility that an unknown force was engaging in some kind of temporal warfare, altering past events. Research suggested that some entity or organization was making it difficult or impossible for them to make direct and drastic alterations in the past.

Using refit space craft and a mix of time travel and temporal isolation technologies the group solidified into the organization Solas Tempus.

The group operates an advanced communications network known as BlueNet controlled by the sentient AI, HAL 9000.

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Home Location 
Markab Star System, Planet Markab Prime
Salva semper protegens historiae futuris exhalaret ultimum. (Always protecting history to save the future, to the last breath.)


The stated mission is to protect the past through intervention in attempts to alter it. There are a variety of other secondary missions dealing with operations that do not involve time travel such as research and development and political operations.

Strong evidence suggests that an unknown organization is attempting to manipulate the timeline through intermediaries local to the time period of Solas Tempus. Since there is no concrete information about this, a primary objective for Solas Tempus is to locate and gather intelligence on an organization that has been designated under Codename Onyx.


Most Federation worlds do not use currency, Solas Tempus also does not. For organization members are paid with resource credits that allow for management of resources, these credits are in addition to necessities of life such as food, shelter, clothing, etc.. Within the organization it is likely that any particular member who needs more resources within reason will get them.

Outside the organization money is still seldom used and trade of goods and services prevails as the primary method of getting parts, supplies, and fuel needed. Because of the well renowned skill at refitting and repairing ships and parts this is mostly what the group barters with. Most peaceful ships are allowed to utalize the Ronin Shipyards facility and work our a deal with the Engineering Arm for compensation.

Because of their good work Solas Tempus enjoys a well known good relationship with most worlds and organizations including the United Federation of Planets and her allies.


Sal D'Amico 
Fleet Admiral, Leader of Solas Tempus
D. S. Renton 
Admiral, Leader of Gold Team
Lance Thomas 
Admiral, Leader of Blue Team
Kerman Simon 
Admiral, Leader of Green Team


Starbase Tranquility 
Base of operations, orbiting Markab Prime.
Ronin Shipyards 
Primary shipyards and refit center.
Starbase Pandora 
Pandoric Rift station, operations and access classified.
Nimbus Station 
Military research facility in the Schatten Star System.
Serenity Station 
Spaceport and transit facility orbiting Soteria in the Schatten Star System.
Umbral Station 
Manages the Umbral Rift as well as the shipyards in the Schatten Star System.
Umbral Shipyards 
Covert operations shipyards and repair station in the Schatten Star System.
Integro Base 
Earth's Moon.

Stargate Locations

The recently operational Stargates have been placed at each Solas Tempus facility as well as at hub locations on Earth, Romulus, Vulcan, Q'onoS, Bajor, and Cardassia Prime in addition to a number of other locations that are kept classified.

Organizational Structure

Solas Tempus is divided into three primary arms of operation. Engineering, Science / Research, and Action.

Engineering Arm / Green Team

The engineering arm is responsible for building, maintaining, and equipping the organization. This arm also runs a lot of the special projects that connect Solas Tempus with other governments, doing refits, repairs, and experimental platform designs for many agencies. They are well known for their skill and tenacity toward building, rebuilding, and refitting both old vessels and new designs.

Research Arm / Gold Team

Assigned with research primarily in the areas of time travel and temporal protection as well as detecting temporal incisions. They often team up with the Green Team and facilitate refit and redesign of surplus and other available technologies to suit the groups purposes. The research arm is less well known than the other arms, as they seldom publish findings outside the organization. Almost the entirety of their work is focused on the research of space-time anomalies, their formation, control, and potential use for the organization. Within scientific circles, however, they are often called to consult on a variety of projects.

Action Arm / Blue Team

The Solas Tempus Action Arm is very well known and is further subdivided. This arm deals with acting on intelligence, covert operations, defensive projects, and security work. They have a solid reputation for direct and often harsh honesty and a stoic pride about their work. This is also the arm that deals directly with time travel.