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The Solas Tempus Action Arm is generally called Blue Team, their uniforms reflect this color. They are responsible for all military operations conducted by Solas Tempus as well as maintaining security for the organization. Their security forces are also contracted out to others to provide enhanced security elsewhere. Blue Team also does extended training and operational advising throughout known space.

Head of Blue Team
Admiral Lance Thomas

They are divided into 5 divisions; Temporal Command, Tactical Command, Special Services, Security, and Search and Rescue.

Temporal Command

Admiral Siv Quinn

Solas Tempus Temporal Command or TEMPCOM for short is responsible for every single temporal operation that Solas Tempus does. They manage all temporal intelligence and coordinate this intelligence with both Special Services and Tactical Command. This division is the central focus to the mission of the organization. Before joining Temporal Command it is required that one become a Temporal Operative and further must test into the division. They failure rate for training to be a Temporal Operative and join Temporal Command is 96%, simply being asked to attempt training in an honor. Prior to being asked, one must be already a member of Tactical Command or Special Services.

Tactical Command

Vice Admiral Emily Marie Artis

Solas Tempus Tactical Command or TACCOM for short is responsible for special operations within known space. They are the commanding force behind all starships, bases, and terrestrial facilities. This group forms the military might of Solas Tempus, their primary goal is to defend Solas Tempus and its interested. They are well known to be the elite, the training regimen is designed based on the SAS training of old Earth in England with additions based on Klingon and Romulan combat training as well as tactics used by the Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar for training in covert operations. If is needs protecting, blowing up, occupying, or snuck into these are the people you call. The failure rate of new recruits from the security division is 98%, simply being accepted to the program is an honor.

Marine Corps

Vice Admiral Apollyon

Solas Tempus Marine Corps or STMC for short. A combat oriented force authorized by order of the Serenity Concord in March 26th, 2384.

Special Services

Vice Admiral Timol

Solas Tempus Special Objectives and Services or SPECCOM for short. This is the most secretive division of Blue Team, they have almost no footprint in culture outside of the elite services. They operate in secret and compartmentalized, the group is run in cells to avoid detection, as such even Timol does not know the location of all of his personnel at any given time. Each cell is in charge of its own operational security and is given wide latitude to get things done. They will assist in any Solas Tempus operation through covert services. One cannot ask to become part of Special Services, one must be asked. They have no advanced training program, but recruit entirely from within Solas Tempus and training is done during operations. Their specialty is covert surveillance, infiltration, asset retrieval or neutralization.


Vice Admiral Jarin

Solas Tempus Security or STS for short. This is the largest part of Blue Team and is responsible for all policing and security throughout facilities. They will coordinate with TACCOM and SPECCOM for operations and serve as a fortifying force when called upon by the other two. They are also contracted out to provide enhanced security and training for governments and organizations. They are well known to be some of the best security forces, even at times rivaling that of Starfleet Command. They are trained in deescalation, high risk negotiations, and asset protection and recovery.

Search and Rescue

Vice Admiral Minute Vermilion

Solas Tempus Search, Rescue, and Recovery or STR for short, though most often simply called Rescue or Rescue Services is the division of Solas Tempus devoted to rescue and recovery operations. They respond to natural disasters, ships in distress, and any other time with a specific need arises to recover personnel (civilian and otherwise) from dangerous situations. They are a military division with a mandate to assist all those who request in, regardless of who they are.