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The engineering arm of Solas Tempus is also called Green Team. They are responsible for building / maintaining facilities, numerous civilian projects, and developing existing / new technologies.

Construction and Maintenance Command

The construction and maintenance division, also called CONCOM (pronounced kAHn-kAHm) is the primary division for constructing and maintaining all Solas Tempus vessels and facilities. This is the largest division within Solas Tempus, even outstripping STS or TEMPCOM. The division is responsible for not only maintaining Solas Tempus facilities but are also contracted out to other governments as part of various treaties and agreements for those Solas Tempus works with regularly. They have a reputation for being able to build anything, anywhere, given enough time and resources. They often work paired with combat escorts to go into hazardous or dangerous areas, particularly areas with environmental hazards. The division is regularly called to consult on civil projects and is highly trained in fast / reliable construction projects, particularly for developing worlds in need of assistance.

Functional Command

The most elite division of Green Team, also called FUNCOM (pronounced fUHngk-AHm), is the division which trains and deployed the most highly trained and skilled engineers in Solas Tempus. These are the people who become chief engineers aboard starships, often having their skills and wits tested to the extreme in dangerous situations with little time to think. They are the warriors of the engineering world, specially trained to think on their feet; squads, operations, starships, and even entire bases rely on their chief engineers to make the impossible, possible. For every impossible situation a starship Captain pulls a victory from the jaws of defeat in, there is a Chief Engineer who built, destroyed, or modified whatever gear that Captain needed to do the job right. Frequently known in their assignments as miracle workers. If it can be built, and you need it, chances are one of these people can do it under fire, and blindfolded.

Reverse Engineering and Development

The Reverse Engineering division, also called REVD (pronounced rEv-dEE) is the primary division responsible for taking newly discovered technologies and understanding how they work in order to either integrate the technology into existing projects. REVD is one of the most highly skilled divisions of Solas Tempus and most well respected. They are routinely called in to consult on projects by other governments and corporations.