Solas Tempus Marine Corps

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Authorized by an executive order of the Serenity Concord on March 26th, 2384 the Solas Tempus Marine Corps will be the new front line fighting force of Solas Tempus and the Concord. The first platoon of 40 people were assembled shortly after the order was signed, and Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas enlisted the assistance of arrivals to the Schatten Star System shortly after to train the new marines. Officially the STMC falls under the command of Blue Team or the Action Arm of Solas Tempus commanded by Apollyon promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral with the order.

Under the Marine Corps is also Force Recon or MFR under the command of Captain Mike-037.

Standard Implants

Marine service is voluntary but requires the use of cybernetic implants, particularly a standard set.