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The scientific arm of Solas Tempus, also called Gold Team, deals with theoretical research and development along with scientific discovery, exploration, and research. They are the scholars of Solas Tempus, adept at looking into an issue from all sides and forming a plan of study and research to gain answers.

Archeological and Anthropological Command

The Archeological and Anthropological Command, also called ANCOM (pronounced oN-kAHm) focuses on the study of historical development of societies throughout known space. They build historical profiles from the archeological record and study native societies all over known space. Their primary focus is to provide accurate historical context to how events shaped societies from the community up into the galactic scale. Their research helped Temporal Operatives and other personnel understand the cultural context and significance of actions in the field.

Applied Sciences Division

The Applied Sciences Division, also called APPSCI (pronounced aP-sIE), is the general research and development division for Solas Tempus. They focusing on pushing the scientific envelope and taking the next logical step in research. They are also in in charge of scientific problem solving for the organization. Working closely with Green Team the group strives to answer the questions needed to push technological development forward and allow engineers to design and build new technologies. This division is also in command of most general research projects throughout the organization, though it does not focus on pure research such research would fall under this division.

Behavioral Sciences Division

The Behavioral Sciences Division, also called BEVSCI (pronounced bEv-sIE) focuses on the behavior of people, any sentient being. They study the behavioral psychology of all known species and artificial intelligences, they focus on cause and effect, particularly the effect of trauma on future behavior. While there is some crossover between medical application, this division deals mainly in research and development of the theories of behavior. They also develop and train profilers in the techniques of advanced behavioral analysis with applications in predictive modeling and abnormal psychology. While their models are helpful in the development of treatment plans, they do not focus on patient treatment.

Medical Corps

The Medical Crops or Medical Command, also called MEDCORP (pronounced mEd-khOR), deals with not only medical research but the practice of medicine. They train and supply doctors of every specialty to Solas Tempus and work closely with medical professionals all over known space. Along with civil projects done by Green Team they have a number of humanitarian aid initiatives. They do research into new medical technologies and push the envelope for treatment protocols, specifically dealing with issues of temporal aphasia and temporal psychosis. The Medical Corps not only trains doctors but counselors, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals for Solas Tempus, including combat medics.

Space-Time Research Division

The Temporal Research Division, also called SPARD (pronounced spAHRd) is tasked with better understanding the mechanics of and theoretical basis for not only time travel but its related effects on the universe. They study spacial, subspace, and temporal anomalies. They also conduct experiments in the laboratory to simulate the effects of changes to the timeline and study how temporal changes propagate through space-time.

Vident Obscura

Technically the organization Vident Obscura falls under the command of Gold Team, details of its existence are classified.