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Schatten III
Obelisk Shape
3.1 AU
Approx. Radius of 12756 km (2x Earth)
Orbital Period 
365.25 Days
Rotational Period 
24 Hours
Map of Soteria
Asmen Vabar (Male, Betezoid)

This is a nearly idyllic world for humans. There is no intelligent life on the planet, but many known species of plant and animal life are found there. The planets atmosphere is nearly identical to Earth, but a bit richer in Oxygen content.

A 27 meter tall solid obsidian obelisk with inlaid characters believed to depict 5 distinct writing forms either from the same language or different languages. There are approximately 60,000 characters of writing total. The writing is inlaid in different precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Each character style carving is filled with a different metal. The only word that seems readable is the name "Soteria" which appears in the only identified language, that of an ancient proto-cuneiform seen only very rarely on Earth. As this was the only identifiable writing on the planet, it was designated as the planet's name. The purpose, language, and age of the obelisk are all unknown. The entire monument is covered in a carbon covalent network crystal lattice very similar to diamond over a thin layer of glass. The bulk of the mass comes from a unique form of corundum which has iridescent properties due to a highly unusual crystal lattice which is almost certainly artificial. The stone appears black and depending on the specific angle from which light is reflected can appear dark shades of red, blue, and even lighter shades such as orange. The base of the structure is rooted another 11 meters down, scans indicate it ties directly into a naturally occuring vein of granite.

The planet shows some unusual properties, namely the presence of byproducts of protomatter being found throughout the ecosystem. These byproducts are now inert and pose no threat to life but it does indicate the protomatter was somehow present or involved in the planets formation. This also fits with geological surveys which place the planets age as being somewhere in the 2-3 billion years old age, which is far too young to have developed the forms of life present on the planet. It is possible the planet could be the result of a Genesis Device having been used to create it in its current state.

The Nysa Facility was built on the planet surface to facilitate study of the planet as well as provide support for the Blazing Umbra Station, however, it was destroyed to prevent a Borg invasion. The crater left by the destruction of the facility is being left as a memorial to those lost. The current support facility on the planet is Nimbus Station an Atlantis Class City-Ship. One of the Islet's near the Dehka Islands has been set aside for the contingent of Death Korps of Krieg, it is called simply Krief Islet.

Admiral Lance Thomas also used drones to excavate a hide-away for himself at the top of Nabu Summit. It serves as his place to meditate, it has enough room at the top for 2 runabout-sized ships to land, but has no forms of technology. It only has simple fire pit surrounded by stone benches and small shelter made out of stone which has its own fire pit in the center. A supply of wood and other such things is also kept inside the simple shelter.

Soteria Alpha - Wanderer

This moon is about the size of Earth's moon only slightly smaller. The moon is highly active geologically and quite hot. The moon's intense geomagnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of Soteria causing a robust protection from solar and subspace radiation.

Soteria Beta - Mors

The second moon of Soteria is called Mors, as it is a relatively dead world and barely M-Class. Its crust has a great number of highly radioactive isotopes, the extreme density of its core along with strong magnetic field make beaming too and from the surface nearly impossible. The moon is equipped with an experimental Trans-Dimensional Stargate called Mors Gate, placed here due to the fact that the moon is the home to the Death Korps of Krieg who are in this reality The gate is remotely operated to open wormholes to other realities to map them. This causes the occsional hostiles which the Kreigsmen enjoy taking care of. It is also able to be operated to replenish the supply of Kreigsmen, under direct supervision of Janus Project leaders.

There are also, of course, basic open-air landing facilities on the moon.