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In the 2nd year After the War, the Souls Templar was formed of the knights who had served their individual kingdoms during the war and embraced the Peace of Ages. When the early peace was threatened by a set of nobles working independently to destabilize the monarchies in each kingdom. The knights came together at the Rose Palace and petitioned the council to allow them to serve again as protectors of everyone, saying that the Ageless Ones has ideals that needed to live on and they would work to ensure those ideas did.


The knights operate throughout the kingdoms and across boarders to ensure the peace and the principles of the peace and the Ageless Ones are held in high esteem. They are rarely challenged but when they are, they respond with fairness and grace under pressure.

Monastic Order

The group of knights over the last thousand years has become a monastic fighting order. Skilled with sword, magic, and words in equal parts relying on their words and the principles of argumentation and debate to sway leaders and people. They give up their worldly goods cut ties when a new knight joins the order, they are beyond reproach exemplifying that strength does not mean one has to give up kindness and a steady hand.


With these words I hereby swear upon my honor to uphold the Peace of Ages and protect the 10 Kingdoms for as long as breath fills my lungs. With each step I shall defend history and knowledge of the Templar I will stand against the darkness with the light of all those who came before me shining on me from the past. I shall never tire, never surrender, and never let rest so long as my heart continues to beat in my chest.


The order acts as advisors to nearly all the noble houses of the 10 Kingdoms and are ever present in the high courts of each kingdom.