Special Photon Torpedo Warheads

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Several special operations warheads for the standard photon torpedoes have been developed by the special weapons division of Starfleet though similar warheads have also been developed in parallel by Solas Tempus.

Attack Warheads

A slower moving torpedo with an extremely explosive payload. Specifically designed to punch through armor plated hulls. Additional damage is done due to the explosive charge warping space-time around it, causing a subspace shockwave.
A fast moving torpedo with a super-heated plasma payload, when it detonates it spreads its payload out over the hull or shields of a space craft doing significant damage, especially to shields.
Heavy Plasma 
Similar to a standard plasma torpedo, however this is a slow moving projectile which is designed to punch through shielding or armor plating before detonating. Additional damage is sustained by shields and hull armor.
A subspace weapon which is deployed and when detonated creates a subspace compression shockwave across multiple spacial phases. This shockwave can only be partially blocked by shields and as it passes through matter destroys subatomic bonds.

Utility Warheads

Electronic Disruption 
Disrupts starship computers within range for a limited time.
Sensor Dampening 
Confuses sensors for a short period of time.
Warp Disruption 
Causes the collapse of an operating warp field.
Shield Inversion 
Inverts the shield harmonics temporarily so that the target's weapons impact their own shields.

Specific to Solas Tempus

In the early days of Solas Tempus, not long after formation, developed Temporal Weapons but they are no longer in production.