Starbase Pandora

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Starbase Pandora
Class: Class 2 Space Station
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Commanding Officer: Admiral Eland Griggs
Executive Officer: Captain Neo Akazuli
MSAI: Captain Neo Akazuli

Starbase Pandora is a Class 2 Space Station located inside the Mordag Nebula approximately 118 ly from the Markab system. The station is a top secret facility that contains and manages the Pandoric Rift.


The station uses a temporal force field to harness and utilize temporal energy from the rift. That energy is used both for experimental purposes as well as sending individual operatives through time without the need for a starship. These covert operations are short lived and used to set up resources for future operations such as money, identities, and facilities on the ground like housing and provisions.


The station is configured with living quarters, two lab modules, and an operations center.

Communications through time are also relayed through this facility. Including scans for temporal incursions.

Assigned Vessels

The USS Phantom and the USS Genesis are both stationed here.