Strot Star System

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Strot itself is a type A7V star, mass of 1.27 solar masses. The system has 12 planets only two of which are habitable (4th and 5th). The main world in the system is the 4th planet called Cevunia. There is an asteroid belt between the 2nd and 3rd planets in the system. The 4th planet was originally called Thobeon but is now called Ivion. The dominant species in the system are the Senfu with a second sentient species native to the system the Heibo.

Vamelos Sector of the Darkian Churarius Reality

The asteroid belt is rich in minerals and heavily mined by the Senfu, as are many of the outer planets. Out beyond Ivion, the plants are gas-giants of various sizes, though most of a large number of moons where various outposts exist of industrial or military nature, though a smaller number are scientific they are run by the military in conjunction with private corporations.


About 500 years ago the Senfu who evolved on Cevunia launched an unprovoked attack on Thobeon, over the next 25-30 years they used early ion-powered spacecraft to recover the planet from the nuclear fallout and capture survivors. The Senfu integrated the Heibo into society as a labor force. Since then the Heibo have remained a largely slave-labor force for the Senfu working in homes as domestic servants or in industrial areas doing work that seems to hazardous or difficult for the Senfu. Over time there has been some amount of inter-breeding but mostly in industrial areas where the privilege gap is not quite as pronounced.

After colonization the Senfu renamed Thobeon to Ivonio further depriving the Heibo of their heritage. Aside from a smattering of archeological artifacts which remain, most evidence of the Hiebo has been destroyed. The public perception is that the Hiebo were weak and while they did not deserve their fate, they were on the track to extinction on their own. Little information remains about the Hiebo but what does remain suggests that they were war-like to each other and refused the benevolent assistance of the Senfu, even threatening to invade Cevunia themselves – which triggered the attack.