Sunn Duskwalker (Embers of Soteria Variant)

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Sunn Duskwalker
Sunn Duskwalker.jpg
Sunn Duskwalker
Played by: The Chubby Gamer
Alias: Violet
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 178 lbs
Gender: male
Race: Blood Elf
Age: 39
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Yellow
Figure: Unable to be seen from his clothing
Universe of Origin: Warcraft
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Contract Killer
Rank / Skill Level: Wanted Criminal /w Hidden Identity
Status: Approved
Setting: Embers of Soteria

Sunn usually tries to take many things in life as calm and as collective as he can. He tries to reason his way out of fights and even when on assassinations, will ask the person he's trying to assassinate for a bribe to let them go. However he's very easily ticked off and will start a fight if he's bugged too far. Though, he does have a higher tolerance towards people he's close to, such as family and close enough friends

Sunn does not give out his real name, most often just giving out the name Mauve.

Special Skills

Athletic, can keep a secret, keeps identity hidden even though his face has been seen before

Special Abilities

Knows magic. Can create glass as tough as bullet-proof glass. However, unlike bullet-proof glass,where as it bends the more damage it takes, Sunn’s glass acts like normal glass and stays still and eventually shatters. The glass is formed in many little glass shards that combine together out of thin air to take the form anything Sunn creates within his energy range. Whatever Sunn forms, it will be rigid with all of its little shards combining together. On every edge of each shard is a thin, white outline (but other than that it’s completely see-through). The glass must be formed on a surface of some sort, living beings (excluding Sunn) not counting as the surface. Sunn can break apart the glass he forms, and once his glass formation IS broken, each individual glass shard will fall to the ground and break away into nothing once it comes into contact with another object, no matter how light.