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The supernatural world of Chicago can be simple as one can imagine or incomprehensibly complex. For the most part, humans need not worry in the city, while there is every single kind of supernatural creature possible in the city the peace is kept by those in charge. No one see's a point in ruining relations, good relations and loyalty to old agreements mean profits, profits mean prosperity.

The focus on profits gives the city the air of being bought and paid for. Public figures are rarely ever of a supernatural breed, humans are seen as a sort of neutral ground for officials. Often times humans in charge don't even know that they are being manipulated by supernatural forces even, though the older ones and older families do indeed know this. Some of the elder families even pay for their privileged status and protection with the lives of their children.


Master Vampire of the City
Victoria Romana

The cities rule is dominated by Vampires, infinitely pragmatic very little goes on without the say of the vampires in charge. Unlike what some stories may say in pop culture, the vampires prefer to do without titles such as King or Prince but rather to be known by their name alone. The noble vampires of the city rarely reveal themselves directly, but when they do they use a signet ring made out of platinum, the signet is that of a pentacle sitting at the center of a crown. The central point of the pentacle has a gem in it, this gem is a guide to how highly valued the wearer is to those who rule. The more precious the gem, the more powerful the person.

A person is rarely given a ring except as a token to prove who sent them, but rather are given coins stamped with the symbol but without the gem.

Law Enforcement

The city's law enforcement is the home of a good portion of the shape shifters of the city. Werewolves and the like tend toward preserving order and protection of their families and friends. While many places do have a long standing conflict between shifters and vampires, as shifters tend toward order and vampires often thrive pulling strings in chaos. Within the city there is a truce between these two forces. The political influences of the vampires who run the city are balanced with the shifters pension for protection, and for the most part the peace of kept with compromise on both sides. Though, it is generally known within the supernatural community that vampires will do as they wish when directly confronted.


Human crime is of little concern to the supernatural world, on average. However, organized crime syndicates and gangs are used by vampires, shifters, and anyone else with power to help control and corral the lives of humans. For the most part, shifters end up somewhere in the middle, protecting some at the cost of others while vampires pull the strings with money and opportunity. This makes for a complicated balance and humans used often as pawns for others.

Wealth / Business

There is some supernatural influence in most areas of life, including business. Tourism has less interference from supernatural fingers than do industries like real estate or banking. Mundane enterprises tend to have little influence but the more profitable something is the more it will attract other elements. The supernatural forces of the city do not let human endeavors with power or profit go for long before they insert themselves.

Neutral Ground

There are a few centers for neutral ground within the city. Meeting places, away from humans, where supernatural creatures large and small can gather without worry of being picked off by a rival side. The largest of which is called The Saevae, which exists in an old abandoned subway tunnel. These areas are critical in keeping the peace, allowing a places for different sides to talk both officially and unofficially. As such, the rule of neutral ground / sanctuary is strictly kept, no violence must be had within the bounds of a neutral area or both sides would face the wrath of those who run the city.

Shifter Packs

There are 3 main shifter packs in the area, though lone shifters do exist and do their best to stay out of the way others. There is also a loose association between some of the shifters who do not otherwise have packs.