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Ranking in Onyx

The organization in any time period uses Feudal English rankings, save for Prince/Princess, King/Queen, and Emperor/Empress which exist but will not exist in game without further flushing out the organization, and will not be the standard definitions of such.

- Cyclops (talk) 12:25, 22 April 2022 (PDT)

Origin of Onyx

The name "Onyx" comes from the original conceptual notes of the universe of Blazing Umbra circa 1990's and early 2000's where Solas Tempus was called "Blue Team" and they were fighting "Black Team" who were originally rogues that left Blue Team to use time travel to their own ends. This 1-dimensional antagonist was replaced when "Blue Team" (still present in the game as the Action Arm of Solas Tempus) was reworked into an organization that did much more, Solas Tempus.

Black Team was renamed to Onyx and the plot line where they were ex-Blue Team operatives was removed. Instead, the organization of Onyx was created to be a shadowy organization that worked independently with time travel technology to alter the past and remove obstacles. This was then expanded to say that they were pro-capitalists trying to work subtly to provide a better climate to return to capitalism in the 24th century.

With the addition of AI's into the Blazing Umbra setting and the addition of the Angelic Sins setting, the organization was expanded again to have existed since the 19th century. Some of the ideas for this plan were taken from a group of students at Shasta Community College in Redding, California while I was attending there. They called themselves the "Cafeteria Coalition" made of up various misfits (nerds, dorks, geeks) who were passionate about various non-mainstream pursuits at the turn of the millennium.

The ideas of this group were played out in PbEm mailing list for the HWTO. Originally the name was a joke, the HWTO stood for "Holistic World Terrorist Organization" though some members of the group realized the poor choices in this, even before 9/11/2001 at the rising terrorist attacks in the Middle East, Columbia, Russia, and around the world and renamed it to be the Holistic World anti-Terrorist Organization keeping the same acronym.

One of the more influential people from this group to assist in the creative endeavor was a woman named Stephanie, or Stephie for short. When she died her hair blue the group of friends said she looked like a "Smurf on Crack" and when it went back to normal they flipped this around to be "Kcarc no Frums".

As an homage to these contributors the initials HWTO and a retooling of Kcarc no Frums into Kark'nof Rohm have been placed in the definition of Onyx, which they helped to inspire. Even though most of the storyline ideas have been retooled or removed after being used for inspiration, we still would like to remember the conceptual contribution of these early role playing and story writing experiences.

- Cyclops (talk) 13:10, 22 April 2022 (PDT)