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Character Box
Character Box

Wiki format

{{character box
|image= Image or Pic of your character without brackets and image size specification
|player= Your Player ID for Discord or wherever you're roleplaying
|name= Character's First Name or Title in case of a Ranked Officer
|fullname= Your Character's Full Name
|altname= In case of using also an Alias or Callsign
|race= Your character's race
|type= If your race has a subtype, put it here (such as Water for a Water Elemental)
|alignment= Your character's alignment
|gender= Your character's gender
|height= Your character's height
|weight= I think this is for the weight of your character... Not sure...
|haircolor= If your character's hair color is black, blond, brown, etc. Leave blank if your character is bald
|eyecolor= Again, not sure, but I think this is for the eye color
|age= How old are your character?
|dob= When it was born?
|creationdate= When was it created?
|birthplace= WHERE it was born?
|creationplace= WHERE it was created?
|universe= From where your character came
|occ= Your current character's occupation
|org= In case of your character work for an organization
|figure= What is your character's Body Type? Skinny, fat, well toned, muscular... All types are welcome. Even robotic ones
|approvedby=The Discord Tag or Wiki Username of the person who approved the character
|mainbg= Templates background color.
|mainborder= Templates border color.
|titletext= Template title color.
|titlebg= Title/header bg color.
|titleborder= Title/header border color.
|imagebg= Image section background color.
|headertext= Set color of inner headers text.
|headerbg= Set color of inner headers background.
|line= Horizontal line(s) color.
|nicknumbg= Character Fullname and Player Name Background Color.
|esbg= Set color of even rows.
|osbg= Set color of odd rows.
  • Note: The color customization should be set using hexadecimal format ONLY! If you need help, talk with one of the Wiki editors, like Cyclops or the creator of this template. LilacRTL.


Cmdr. Domnin
Victor Domnin
Played by: @竜血液 - Ryū Ketsueki [LilacRTL]#1192
Alias: Vic
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 184 lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 35
Date of Birth: Stardate 22974.60 (December 22, 2345)
Place of Birth: Arksis III (Arksis Star System)
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Figure: Big / Muscular
Universe of Origin: Solas Tempus Universe
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Executive Officer and Temporal Operative of Blazing Umbra Station
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Category: 1
Status: Example
Setting: Something

In an effort to make all characters of the wiki as uniformly categorized as possible with minimal effort from the staff, the template also accepts a "Setting" value. Based on this value it will automatically proceed to add the proper setting category to the character page. Valid values are; Angelic Sins, Blazing Umbra, and Embers of Soteria note also that the abbreviations of AS, BU, and EoS are not used here. The additional special value of Cross Setting may be used, specifically, for those characters who have admin approval for the same character to pass between settings. This is not to be confused with character variants, where a character has multiple versions that are distinct characters.

The value of "Status" will determine if the page is auto-categorized. Valid values are:

  • Approved
  • Unapproved
  • Deceased
  • Dead
  • Missing
  • Denied
  • Banned
  • NPC
  • Non-Player Character

There is clearly some overlap (such as Deceased, Dead, and Missing all go to the same category). Any other value will result in no auto-categories being assigned. The value Approved or no value assigned at all, will automatically set categories for race and organization.

In addition the wiki will now attempt to automatically categorize characters based on the player they belong to. General wiki policy is that if a player has 4 or more characters, their characters get put into a category specific to that user. This does require some work on the part of Staff or players. Once the Category Page is created (such as Category:Played by Cyclops), then the template should automatically assign the category. If it does not exist, it will automatically put them just in the Category:People listing. Also, along these same lines, if the player name given has a User Page such as User:Cyclops, it will be automatically linked on the wiki to the character in question.

{{character box
|name=Cmdr. Domnin
|fullname=Victor Domnin
|haircolor=Dark Brown
|player=@[[User:LilacRTL|竜血液 - Ryū Ketsueki [LilacRTL]#1192]]
|alignment=Chaotic Good
|dob=Stardate 22974.60 (December 22, 2345)
|eyecolor=Emerald Green
|weight=184 lbs
|figure=Big / Muscular
|org=[[Solas Tempus]]
|occ=Executive Officer and Temporal Operative of [[Blazing Umbra Station]]
|universe=Solas Tempus Universe
|birthplace=Arksis III ([[Arksis Star System]])