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Temporal operatives are specially trained officers of Solas Tempus.


An operative must be able to master disciplines in all ares of Solas Tempus. They take on specialized training in specific areas of each branch of the organization from science, engineering, and covert/military operations. Once a potential operative completes specialized training in their areas of choice, they must then master protocols of temporal operations. Covert operations are heavily focused on as well as how to solve moral dilemmas as well as understand any possible form of paradox that might occur.


Operatives are the only members of Solas Tempus who are authorized for time travel. They take the lead on planning, coordinating, and executing temporal operations.


Upon completion of training and becoming a fully trained and vetted Temporal Operative they receive a special pocket watch and their challenge coin is reissued.

Although the rank of an operative can vary it is often the case that the opinions of an operative carry more weight even than those of a person of higher rank. Though, this point of status and authority is rarely pressed.