Temporal Weapons

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Not long after the inception of Solas Tempus they developed a variety of specialized weapons based on the budding technology using temporal energy.

By general order of Admiral Thomas in 2364 and further renewed by Feel Admiral Poole in 2369, no Solas Tempus vessel shall be armed with temporal based weaponry without special dispensation from the admiralty. The last vessel to be equipped with such weapons was the USS Reed which was decommissioned. By an additional special order of Fleet Admiral Poole in 2379 the STV Vertigo was authorized to be armed with temporal weaponry. It is the only vessel currently in service authorized for the armaments.

Directed Energy Weapon

A focused and collated chroniton beam causes the nuclear bonds within the atomic structure of matter to become detached from its current temporal location. The released atomic energy arcs to nearby matter ripping it apart. Each arch takes a different temporal path backward through time causing microscopic paradoxes as matter is destroyed before the beams impact. Each destroyed atom arcs the temporal disruption forces backward through the time stream. The maximum temporal damage is equal to the beam duration.

When a temporal beam impacts with a vessels shields, the same effect happens, arcing and cascading further back in time across the shield surface. As the temporal arcs push backward in time they cause the shield energy to be lost into the time stream decreasing the shield power exponentially the longer the beam remains in contact with the shields. If the temporal beam impacts the shield and the force is pushed backward through time to a point where the shields are not up, the beam prevents the shields from forming into place, collapsing the shields in that location.

The danger of this weapon is a beam duration of too long will cause increasingly more complex paradoxes to occur with unpredictable and destructive results as entropy increases in the time stream at the location of the beams impact.

Time/Antitime Warheads

With a payload of chroniton and antichroniton contained in a temporal stasis field. When the warhead detonates the temporal energy fractures time and causes a cascade explosion pushing backward in time. The resulting chain reaction of causality creates micro-fissures in the fabric of space-time. Each micro-fissure lasts just a handful of microseconds but when it collapses it eradicates matter converting it into energy at its location. The resulting massive energy release is in a heightened state of temporal variance, which causes multiple more micro-fissures to occur, each one depleting the incredible amount temporal entropy created until some kind of equilibrium is created.

The warhead when deployed causes an incredible release of temporal entropy. This entropy will result in devastating secondary releases of temporal energy as the energy waves interact with each other and convert more matter into temporal entropy.

The chain reaction of this conversion reaches its peek after exponentially increases for up to 1 second after detonation before it tapers off.