Terrestrial Defenses

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Phaser Turret

Most large space bodies such as moons and planets have some form of terrestrial defense system to be used to fend off both orbital and sub-orbital / atmospheric attacks.

Phaser Turret

The most common kind is the high powered phaser turret. It has a rotational vector of 360 degrees around and 90 degrees vertically, allowing it to target in any direction around it. The phaser operates in beam mode being 4 times as large as the contemporary phaser bank emitters used on starships and space stations.

Pulse Cannons

Pulse Cannons

Similar to the phaser turret but operates in a pulse cannon mode. There are two primary types, standard quad-fire and higher powered / rapid fire tri-cannon.

Quad-Fire Cannon

Operating in a 360 degree horizontal arc and 70 degree vertical arc. Each of the 4 emitters operates firing a phaser pulses in singular, cross, or quad configurations. In singular configuration each emitter fires in a clockwise rotation, cross configuration they fire in two emitters per blast diagonally from each other. Finally in quad configuration each emitter fires at the same time. These configurations have varied fire rates to allow a more powerful blast at a slower rate (quad configuration) or a high rate volley with lower power per blast (singular).


Operating in a 360 degree horizontal arc and 75 degree vertical arch, the tri-cannon is configured for high speed volleys of phaser pulses. Each of the 3 main cannons has 3 emitters. Each emitter fires once, then the next one fires, and so on. They are designed to fire as fast as possible each of the 3 main guns firing in this way.

Photon Torpedo Launchers

Torpedo Launchers

This is configured with 4 primary launchers and each of those has 4 tubes. The launcher has a limited firing arc of each being 210 degree horizontal arc and 45 degree vertical arc, the design is such that when one tube fires it is immediately reloaded while the next tube fires, such that each tube is reloaded with a torpedo by the time it needs to fire next.