The Kraul

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The Kraul
The Kraul
Height: 8'1"
Age: Ancient
Occupation: Protector of the Forest
Status: NPC
Setting: Embers of Soteria

The Kraul is the immortal protector of the forest. It is foretold that when he is no longer needed, his power will fade and that the spirits that empower him, will rest. During the time of war, before the Peace of Ages many of the forests were burned to the ground or chopped into fuel for the war machines. From all the blood and fire put against the forests, the forests gave birth to a protector. His magic is powerful and spread over the remnants of the old forests, encouraging them to grow.

Man was forced to negotiate with him, he granted them permission to hunt in his woods but they must make blessings to him and his trees by planting more and tending to the woods in exchange, he lets Man and the other races take his trees for their needs - to a point. He is fickle and powerful, but has not been seen in ages.

His true power is largely unknown, but legends tell of him leveling entire towns and slaying men by the thousands as they tried to cut down his trees. It is said that he can call upon the trees and animals themselves to do his will, but if he chooses he will come in person. Should The Kraul appear it is seldom that a person lives. In his hatred of Man for destroying the forests he is said to have only one soft spot, and that is for the innocence of the young. Stories say that if a child is lost in his woods, the trees will protect the child should the child still have the innocence of youth.