The Saevae

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One of the few areas of neutral ground, any are welcome though it has a strict rule of non-violence. Whatever happens beyond the Saevae stays there, conflicts do not pass into it and those within are expected to keep the peace. The penalty for violence within The Saevae is harsh and lavish. As such, it acts as a way-station and refuge for those that find their way there.


Built out of an old subway tunnel beneath Chicago, the old station itself was forgotten through the normal business of continual renovations and rebuilds. At some point in the 1980's the old station itself and the tunnel it sits on began to be missing from maps of the old tunnels. By 1989 no current subway map still had an accurate location of the station or that the station even existed. By 1995, even the archived maps which would show the old tunnel and its singular station would be perpetually missing. The station's name has been lost to time sitting a few miles down the old line past the nearest junction on any map.


The junction itself is well hidden over time, giving any normal humans the strong impression that they should not be there. Hairs on the back of the neck would go up and a feeling of danger would become stronger and stronger approaching the junction leading to the abandoned tunnel. This effect would not occur to a supernatural being. However, a magically skilled or psionic person would be able to see through the effect. The site sits below one of the slums of the city, which also corresponds to a near-forgotten magical well. The drug dealers and gangs never venture far enough into the tunnels to find it, those that do never return.


Built out of an old subway station / tunnel the bar itself is gritty and has not been rebuilt or redecorated from the aging rail line which it began its life as. The stonework holds firm but is flaking off in places, plaster or paint comes off easily. The only paint that really remains is the sprawling graffiti clearly dating back to the early 1980's, faded and stylistically clearly from that period. No one of the human world has been down here on a regular basis since.


The bar itself is the front, tables, chairs, and a long bar in the poorly lit room with no wall between that area and the subway tunnel itself. Kitchens behind that, working off natural gas tapped from the cities vast network of natural gas. Same for the water and electricity, connected into the cities maze of underground lines. Behind the bar and the kitchen's, however, are rooms. Most of these underground rooms are dreary affairs, in an industrial style built of concrete. In addition to these guest rooms there are a number of meeting rooms also available.