Thiann Xhol

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Thiann xhol.png
Thiann Xhol
Played by: L-STAR Meta#0043
Alias: N/A
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 192 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Awoken
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Creation: Unknown
Place of Creation: Somewhere in Awoken space.
Eye Color: A bright, sparkling purple. Practically glows in the dark.
Hair Color: Dark blue, done up in a bun normally.
Figure: Thiann is an Awoken, being part Light and Dark they have a light purple-ish hue to her skin. Her purple eyes glow ever so slightly, and she has white markings along her skin. She stands out, as one of her kind should. They have a unique affinity to both the Light and the Darkness.
Universe of Origin: Destiny
Organization: The Last City
Occupation: Guardian, specifically a Warlock
Status: Unapproved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Thiann could be considered one of the more eccentric Guardians. She is fascinated with both the Light and Dark, and uses them interchangeably. Especially now that the use of Darkness is no longer prohibited by the Vanguard. She collects many kinds of artifacts and loves to talk about anything relating to the history or study of the Traveler. Despite her intimidating appearance, Thiann is very gentle with others and likes to joke around. She is approachable and does her best to help anyone who might have need of her assistance.

Special Abilities

Being a Voidwalker with some talent using the Darkness, Thiann has a wide variety of abilities at her disposal.

Void-Scatter Grenade: She can cast a ball of void energy that releases itself in a series of violent explosions with a very wide blast radius.

Stasis Grenade: Using the Darkness, she can create a solid wall that envelops anyone caught within it. Trapping them and freezing them solid to be shattered by any sort of concussive force.

Void Melee: She can cast a concentrated blast of void energy that causes the target to explode and release a wave of further void energy, damaging nearby enemies.

Stasis Melee: Thiann may also release a concentated ball of Stasis energy that can travel for up to 100 meters. It locks onto targets and slows them down, freezing weaker targets entirely. Similar to the Stasis Grenade.

Healing Circle w/ Arc Soul: One of two Stormcaller abilities still used by Thiann. She summons a circle around her feet that heals herself and others. It also summons a small Arc Soul that follows anyone who steps inside the circle and fires small arcs of lightning at anyone who attempts to damage the protected person.

Nova Bomb: Thiann can cast a concentrated orb of void energy that explodes on contact, creating a huge vortex and several smaller lances of void energy that seek out and impale other targets before exploding themselves.

Stormtrance: Thiann may summon a huge bolt of lightning to the ground, shocking enemies nearby. After this, she can channel this energy through her body and guide it toward targets. Electrocuting them and causing said lightning to arc between various foes nearby.

Stasis Cast: Thiann may summon a rod of pure Darkness to wield, casting orbs of Darkness that freeze and shatter enemies caught within the blast.

Glide: Thiann may activate a second boost into the air, allowing her to slowly glide down to the ground.

Special Skills

Thiann is an excellent marksman, preferring to use semi-automatic and long range weaponry.

She is also very knowledgeable in most histories and a quick learner.

Special Equipment

Pleiades Corrector - An exotic Scout rifle with several upgrades including explosive ammunition.

Sweet Business - An auto rifle that resembles a minigun. 150 rounds of pure armor piercing.

Frozen Orbit - A sniper rifle, nothing special about it. .50 caliber rounds, 4 round magazine.

Temptation’s Hook - A large two handed sword that glows with an eerie, mysterious power.

Heraldic Shell - A shell for her Ghost, that allows it to sense artifacts and small treasures hidden around. Also gives it the ability to increase Thiann’s affinity for the Light.


Thiann’s past life, before the end of the Golden Age and the Great Collapse, is a complete mystery. She will never know where she was born, or how she came to become Awoken. She will never recall how she ended up on Earth, or how she ended up lying dead on the side of the dilapidated remains of a highway.

Her first memory is a sudden flash of white light, before the world slowly came into focus around her. She was dressed in some peculiar robes, with some sort of small floating machine in front of her. It introduced itself as a Ghost. From there, Thiann found herself thrust into a job and world she had no knowledge or preparation for. Guided only by her Ghost and the Light of the Traveler.

Whatever had killed her had rendered her unable to speak unfortunately, something that her Ghost seemed to have already taken into account given how it practically seemed to read her mind. She was guided through the Russian steppe to the Last City and the Tower. Tucked safely under the Traveler. It was here that she finally had more explained to her.

She’d been resurrected by the Light to become a Guardian, one of the last defenders of humanity as the Darkness slowly converged on the Traveler. Aiming to destroy Earth and everything on it. Since she had been chosen as a Warlock, she was shuffled over to Ikora Rey and put under her watchful eye as she learned to master her abilities- and how to fire a gun. Something she clearly hadn’t done in her past life.

Thiann was never a particularly note-worthy Guardian. She was put into a fireteam with a Shay-08, an Exo who’d been chosen as a Hunter. The pair, along with the other 4 members of her team went on many a strike together. While Thiann might not have been noteworthy on her own, Fireteam Orion was extremely well known around the Tower.

Shay and herself became close friends over the years. They’d fought everything from Crota’s Hive to Oryx’s Taken hordes together with their team, and shared a close bond not often seen among Guardians. Especially those of different classes. Thiann would roll with Fireteam Orion for about 3 or 4 years until the Red War.

After the Cabal Red Legion captured the Traveler, all Guardians were stripped of their Light. Leaving them vulnerable, and for once they were mortal. Many thousands of Guardians were slain, never to return without the Light to revive them. Thiann had been captured by Cabal and thrown from the Tower with a dagger buried in her stomach, but she had been lucky enough to end up sliding down the ramped edge of the building into a lake below.

Her Fireteam did not fare as well. She found Shay’s corpse, mangled by Cabal war-hounds and the head removed. Placed on a spike outside the City. She never found the other members of her team, but did retrieve a few of their Ghosts on a several-day long Cabal killing spree. Completely silent, she murdered hundreds of them until she felt like she’d exacted revenge for her teammates. Then it was time to face the main issue at hand. The Cabal controlled the Traveler, and they controlled the City. Thiann needed her Light back.

Like most other Guardians, she ended up heading to one of the many shards of the Traveler that had been thrown off when the Cabal assaulted it. It was an easy source of Light, and happened to be visible for miles. However, by the time she’d gotten there, the Light had mostly faded. It had also been overrun with Fallen and Hive who were fighting eachother for the spot. Thiann was forced to move on. For another two weeks she wandered the wilderness of Russia to try and find any source that could refill her Light.

She wouldn’t get it back until a Guardian managed to lead a strike team to murder the leader of the Cabal Red Legion and take the Traveler back. From there, most Guardians returned to the Tower and resumed their work. However Guardians were now dangerously scarce, and busier than ever trying to make up for their smaller numbers.

Thiann would be paired with Rae-02, another Exo Hunter who had also lost his Fireteam during the Red War. While she never considered him as close of a friend as she had Shay, this new companion did a lot to help her move on from the loss of her friends.

Now, with the Vex blotting out the sun in a massive simulation around the Last City, Rae and Thiann had been dispatched to Europa to hunt down the source of this anomaly and find a solution.