Thunder Class Fighter

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The Thunder Class Fighter is designed to be a fast interceptor, lightly armored, with heavy forward facing firepower. This fighter is primarily designed to get to a location as fast as possible and engage hostiles, it is best used to approach hostiles head-on and show them with ordinance at high speed. Its forward shields and armor are designed to absorb more damage than a normal fighter to allow for this while not sacrificing mass.

9.2 x 5.4 x 3.3 m
1 (Pilot)
Power Source 
Fusion Reactor
Matter/Antimatter Reactor
Impulse Drive
Warp Drive in Jump Configuration
Warp Cool-down 
5 Minutes Cool-down / Recharge
Max Acceleration (Standard) 
5789 G Linear
1278 G Rotational
Max Acceleration (Extended) 
7023 G Linear
1987 G Rotational
Cruising Speed 
4,550 km/s Sublight
Warp 2.1 for 5 Seconds FTL Jump
Max Speed 
9,241 km/s Sublight
Warp 3.1 for 5 Seconds FTL Jump
Emergency Speed 
10,105 km/s for 4 minutes Sublight
Warp 3.5 for 3 Seconds FTL Jump


The matter/antimatter reactor can be used to power the warp systems or, the power can instead be used to increase maneuverability and reinforce the inertial dampening field (IDF) and structural integrity field (SIF). In this configuration the fighter can last much longer in a dogfight than it can without, the real advantage of this configuration is in speed, by diverting all power from the jump system to the IDF/SIF, it can outpace almost anything in the theater without FTL capabilities.

Defensive Systems

  • Deflector Shields
The forward shield emitters are a heavier duty design than the others on the craft.
  • Light Armor

Offensive Systems

  • 8 Phaser Emitters on 2 Cones / Round-Robin Pulse Configuration per Cone
  • 2 Micro-Torpedo Launchers (Both Forward)