Torm Shol

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Torm Shol
Torm Shol
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 151 lbs
Race: Human
Age: 41
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Salt and Pepper
Figure: Rugged and Muscular
Organization: Vident Obscura
Solas Tempus
Occupation: Jedi Consular
Obscura Agent
CO of STV Minotaur
CO of the STV Eminent Midnight
Rank / Skill Level: Vice Admiral
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Torm is generally a nice man, being empathetic of others and level-headed. He can be an emotional and logical rock to rely on, he's generally trusting though can occasionally be conceited owing to his intense personal security in both himself and his own intentions. He tends to be solitary, preferring to be alone personally, though he works well in groups professional and is known to be quite an imaginative problem solver. He is dutiful and well-mannered but the drawback is that he uses these manners of his duty to keep others at arms length. Few people make it into his inner circle of friends. He tends toward a non-rebellious sort, having never been comfortable with going behind the back of others, much preferring to come at the difficulties of life head-on and straight forward. He loves puzzles, both the journey and what he has to learn to solve a puzzle but also the solution itself, often trying to refine solutions to old puzzles to find the best and most elegant solution he can.

Special Abilities

  • Force Use
  • Force Understanding
Has extensively studied how the force works, both back in his home reality and in this reality. He has a special understanding of how the two realities feel.
Is skilled and peering into the possible near future, occasionally he can peer farther into the future. For him he understands combat less and more intentions.


Torm has been in this galaxy for a long time. Brought over when Admiral Lance Thomas was forced to escape from the clutches of the Galactic Empire native to the prime Solas Tempus universe. Torm assisted with the escape, making it possible by blowing his cover within the Empire and disabling the tractor beam which made it impossible for the Admiral's ship to escape. Admiral Thomas brought him on board, Torm had little in the way of family and feared that if he were to return he may put the resistance at risk. Instead, he worked with the Admiral and Solas Tempus to setup a kind of beacon-based communication line with the Rebel Alliance in that Galaxy. Torm felt it was his purpose to stay and learn more of Solas Tempus and the Milky Way Galaxy.

Since he is experienced with the Force, the Admiral offered to make Torm an agent of the organization Obscura not long after its founding. Torm accepted and rose through the ranks quickly, solving puzzles, capturing artifacts, and prioritizing the safety of others both on small and large scales. One of his first vessels to command was the Huracan, which he commanded with an exemplary record for a number of years before being offered command of a larger vessel. During the course of his tenure with Vident Obscura, he has earned wide respect from those within the secretive organization, having worked a great deal with the agent Amber Cross, whom he chose as his first officer once offered a command. After the completion of the STV Minotaur he was given command of the vessel and positioned Amber to be his XO on the ship.